American Conquest Divided Nation Expansion

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American Conquest Divided Nation Expansion

Divided Nation is the second expansion and continues directly to the “Fight Back” which covered all major events on the American continent since the beginning of the 19th century. However, while the Fight Back just taken the lead of the originals, bringing another new nation, units and buildings. Divided Nation has a different concept and approach things from another angle.

This time the number of participants can be counted on the fingers of one hand, in the campaign during the American Civil War Union and implies a confederation, while the Texas Mexican war of independence for coverage, the Texas and Mexican troops.

From things such as Gettysburg or the Alamo average American patriot creeps today. In addition to the campaign dedicated to these key clashes, another type of campaign follows the military careers of several prominent generals. The game contains more than fifty missions where the player will assume the role of the legendary military leader and participate in some of the most famous battles of the time.

divided nation gameplay
The game has undergone a change, the economic aspect is completely ejected. Building a base, collect resources, and production units still exist but are only available in skirmish and multiplayer mode. As singleplayer mission is concerned, the players are largely expected tactical management of huge armies, composed of thousands of units, with only after you build hospitals or canteens.

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The expansion has brought some improvements but the mechanics of the game did not significantly change. Soldiers need to organize formations, assign them officers and drummers to raise morale and combat readiness, all the while making sure to target redistribution Army. Combining forces is necessary because the engine uses the standard “rock papper-scissors” system of power relations.
campaign planning attacks
During the Battle of micromanagement plays a large part, of the players are expected to manually issue commands to fire and case. The only and biggest flaw is the graphics, the old engine that drives the 2D graphics is obsolete speaking at today’s standard, otherwise the engine runs for several generations of games.

No matter what the graphics are not done according to the latest standards, American Conquest expansion is good and fun, will provide hours of good fun for players who like historical battles.

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