Apotheon Game Download (PC, Mac, Playstation 4)

game download (pc, mac, playstation 4)
Apotheon is a 2D action with elements of Metroidvanie and a unique visual style. Apotheon is the evolution of Capsized, the previous games of the same authors gathered under the Alien Trap flag – the levels are even more spacious and nonlinear, and the graphics are even more relaxed.

The game shows what would happen if the characters painted in the old grungy were revived and started to beat. As to the structure, Apotheon is not a classic Metroidvania because you do not unlock the gadgets or power that allow you to access previously unavailable locations.
Fight against the lancer
Nevertheless, on a number of occasions, you choose which one you will first pass, and there is also the key that you use to unlock the door at the already entered levels. The focus is on combat mechanics, there are plenty of weapons, both in the distance and in the fight against the chest. The action is more interesting during a larger part of the game because we have constantly tried new weapons.

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The change in the weapon also changes tactics, which brings a lot of freshness into the game. The arch and the arrow make great damage, but you can not even carry a shield at the same time, so you must always skimp and keep the enemies away and the like. You also have a shield that you use in combination with the roller to avoid counter-strikes.
Fight two titans
Also, the big plus is that the challenges are quite diverse, making the game interesting to the very end. Nearly every level is a region where one of the most famous Greek deities lives. Accordingly, each level is special. At Atin’s whore you solve light puzzles, you see much less in Had, in Poseidon’s temple most of the time you dive and so on.

As you play Apotheon, you will be like a rotten bull that gets hit by the tenth round, and then the battered opponent is neutralized by one move. The average battle looks like this: enter the chess with a few opponents, with a shield you block a shot from one of them and try to hit it, but he still picks up before you.
Campaign map in pyramidal form
You are rolling behind him and turning in his throat, going through him, and now acting as if occupying the same space, why, again, you can not hit him. For that time, the arrow has filled you from the distance with the arrows. Then you approach the bigger enemy and set you down to fly twenty meters through the air.

You are getting and drinking a drink, improving your health, going back to the battlefield and trying again. Apotheon is a real eye-catcher, a title whose unique graphics, with its sophisticated music, perfectly builds the atmosphere of ancient Greece. The fields are diverse and constantly visually impressive, ranging from the Ares Blood Temple to Artemides Wild Forest, which, in combination with nonlinear levels, often makes fun of exploration.

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