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Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China is a new spin off series that will feature three games. Chinese adventurous dictatorships are ahead of us, while the other two (located in India in the mid-nineteenth century during the reign of the Scythian Empire, or in post-revolutionary Bolshevik Russia) will see the light of day also in 2015.

The main protagonist of the Chinese chronicle is the assassin of Shao Jun, known to the more cautious fans of the series. The adventures of killing Chinese people, who played a good part of their assasin crafts under the watchful eye of Ezio Auditore himself, take place during the last days of the Ming Dynasty, at several representative locations of China from that period (Macao harbor complex, Nanan shopping town, Forbidden City, Chinese Wall and other).
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Again, everything revolves around the Templar lineup, this time with their Chinese branch, during the quest for the first civilization artefacts. The first thing that comes into the eye during the encounter with the game is to change the gameplay, which has been moved from the free research and movement to the locals to a more linear, 2,5D form. That’s the famous instant hit of Mark of the Ninja.

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Chronicles: China’s accent is also at maximum stealth approach and active avoidance / silent neutralization of numerous guards and opponents, with items to help you (firecrackers and whistle whistle, shock-bombs and rope knife etc).
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There is also a whole range of offensive-defensive moves that work surprisingly well, given the two-dimensional level of play. A welcome and rejuvenating element of the game is the occasional transition to the level of the levels on the planes of different depths, as well as the leveling of the levels of the level that are also disconnected from the main track (facades of buildings, various platforms, walls and the like).

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China boasts a simple and functional graphics of a specific visual style.

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