Assassins Creed Rogue Review

game review
Assassins Creed Rogue is conceived as a direct extension of the game Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which is celebrating thanks to an irresistible pirate mile and focus on navigating the Caribbean archipelago. The move takes place a few decades after the end of the pirate adventure Edward Kenway’s, and follows the adventures of the initialed assailant Shay Patrick Cormac, this time in the waters of Severn Atlantic, near the lush coastline of New World.

When the state of Portugal disappeared into a catastrophic earthquake, after trying to find a cedar artifact beneath the city cathedral. Disappointed by the lack of empathy with his colleagues, as well as on the future plans of the clan who will certainly have similar apocalyptic consequences, Shay turns from the day-to-day brothers and after a long haul he hardly succeeds in drawing a lively head.
Ship bombing
Making a free strike with a “special set of skills” is not hard to assume it will soon hang around the Templar Order to recruit it against the employers of today. Shay’s shift to the dark side, however, is not done in the expected cliché style, but provides the opportunity to get acquainted with numerous personalities from the opposite camp and view the events and the whole story from a Templar perspective, which is almost equally valid as the assassin.

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From the standpoint of narrative, we mention the shorter or longer coats of impressions Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. The gameplay of the game, in addition to its predecessor, is now also concerned with active conflict with Asasin agents, which will harness the sifting skills and technique that you have yourself applied to Templar hunting.
Shay surveys the terrain
Enemy Assasin’s live in shelter, and if you do not see them at the time, they know they are seriously injured or shot from afar. Other advances concern the interceptions of Assasin’s Contracts, where it is necessary to protect a Templar Colleague from multiple invaders.

There is now a chance for your opponents to jump on the ship and start tossing the crew, destroying smaller icebreakers and saints, causing impact waves that damage smaller boats, while the arsenal has a primitive teak-caliber-sized machine gun for grilling enemy ships.

There are obvious improvements to graphic optimization, everything slips and looks more comfortable than in Black Flag. If you’re in the mood for another turret of freely interpreted historical adventure at the distant seas, just in a more frigid environment, Assassin’s Creed Rogue is right for you.

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