Avatar The Game PC Download Full Version

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Avatar The Game PC Download Full Version

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game, a game made by motives phenomenal blockbuster that ravaged the normal and 3D cinemas. Although the shape is reminiscent of the sandbox, this is linear action game with one major and one side (end RDA campaign) shunting.

Avatar has two campaigns are equally stupid and conceptually identical, reducing the cleaning of the area, collecting plants and other nonsense, and the pursuit of crystal artifacts that unlock the path to “the well of souls” to factions on whose side you stand bring victory. Monotony and uniformity mission will surely bore you away before the end of the game (to pass both campaigns should be about 15 hours).
use ikran to fly
Available movements of its and transitioning from zone to zone as elements sandbox completely unused – the only resolving one quests sequentially unwound action and additional XP, supplied by solving Zone Challenges (explore the entire zone, kill X from this, expensive Y one) completely is unnecessary, before the end of the game you will reach the level cap and unlock all instances of weapons and armor that the game offers.

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In the same category falls the strategic target – sub campaign in the style of Risk, an optional element that is available to every fast travel cell, whose combat bonuses (in Normal, 3D action mode) completely unnecessary.

If you choose the RDA side, from the beginning to the end of the game will use firearms and literally plow anything that comes their way. Weight (and grateful) version comes to you if you play as a Na’vi, archery instead Nailgun and heavy machine guns, beatings instead grenade launcher and the need for timing Careful use of special abilities (treatment, AoE stun, short-term resistance to hits) playing on indigenous side seems somehow more complete experience.
mechanical robot with crew
ATVs RDA faction (bugi, mech suit …) and saddle animals with the Na’vi (direhorse, thanator), which during the mission can accelerate the movement of the zone and possibly easier to kill opponents (except in the case of buggy and horses) give little peppers whole thing.

Flying Scorpion helicopter or Ikran, you will experience only a few scripted town in the game, suffering from terrible control scheme, but because of the sporadic nature do not have excessively negative effect on game-play and viewed in its entirety.

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