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Batman: Arkham Knight is the fourth Betmen from the Arkham series, third if we do not count Arkham: Origins, conceived as prologue and chronologically set off the main three-story story. It is also the first next-gen Betmen game, but engine experiments, sandbox space width, and globally enhanced graphics triggered an explosion in PC labs.

The console version is therefore unprecedented and technically impressive at this point that it can be said that it has successfully shifted the eyebrow of the new generation of black boxes. The Arkansas Knight Begins With Joker’s Creation that immediately raises doubts about the end of (chronologically) previous game (Arkham City).
playstation 4 gameplay
Yes, in a timing game the clown prince of the crime is really dead, but that does not mean that it does not, as a consequence of the toxin exposure Scarecrow intended to the population of Gotama, Betem starts to play Joker, which will be shown in the form through a nearly complete course of the game .

The plot this time puts the focus on Scarecrow, the supernegative who has decided to smear Gotam and the environment. In that evil plan are his Two-face, Penguin and Arkham Knight, a new mysterious villain! Complete Gotam, made in a perfect sandbox form and stuffed with things and optional content that will quickly turn your attention to the main story flow. The most affluent side-by-side segment is again Riddler’s puzzles for perfectionists who make a hundred percent of the game’s transition.
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The most significant gameplay news is betmobil, it has been successfully implemented successfully from the technical side. Betmobil is intended to move smoothly to Gotama streets, but you are equally fast and efficient by jumping from the roof to the roof, kneading through the air, and using the pivoting hook.

Betmobil will first of all use to fight with robotized tanks. By holding the trigger trigger on the controller, the car is currently being transformed from the limo mode to combat mode! In one mission you will be forced to use betmobil in solving field puzzles that open the way for further advancement.
playstation 4 gameplay screenshot
Arkham Knight is perfect on the mechanical and conceptual side. Freedom of action, movement, targeting, and focus on irrelevant things is almost unlimited. There is, of course, a new amount of combat moves and gadgets, as well as a redesigned leveling and budgeting system of bet-odds, betmobils and other features.

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Detective mode, crime scene reconstruction, and other investigative actions now provide much more variation and give you a powerful insight into the Detective side of Bethany’s personality. Batman: Arkham Knight has something to offer, will have fun for hours before you get bored. If you have played the previous section, you will love it even more.

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