Battle of Europe Game on Steam

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Battle of Europe Game on Steam

Battle of Europe is a pioneering venture business software manufacturer in the field of games. Maus Software, a small firm that until now specialized in various types of network software, PDF optimization and various other utilities for the needs of a client has developed a 3D engine with which she did not know what to do.

And then there is someone in Strategy First, distributors for that title is not issued only one who rushed to the train, convinced that shape the game. And in action-flight simulation, neither more nor less. Well, we think that the prefix simulation still too hard-core for this kind of game you are presented.

Battle of Europe is just another aero-arcade, this time cheaper than the competition. Cheaper in every conceivable sense of the engine, production, design missions, physics of flight, accessories until everything else. Yes German authors of the game did not find it necessary to hire a proofreader for the English version, so that the briefings between missions and messages you receive during the mission, humorous reading.

3D engine is somewhere in the range of those who rocked 2001, with the exception of a few interesting shader effects on water surfaces. Model airplanes, terrain and off-road facilities suffer from total lack of detail, and the effects of explosions are almost non-existent.

Fire from aircraft weapon also acts anemic, as well as the effects of a torpedo or a fight. The demo version offers two missions, simple tutorial training and combat mission attack on the German battleship Tirpitz. If the mission from the full version of the game should resemble this, then the game really has no business being on the market.

Everything from toy requirement is to fly in a straight line to the fjord which is anchored Tirpitz, drop three torpedoes and create one bomber belt. No hazard to you and your wingman no, machine-gun fire with the patrol destroyers and several hunters were sent to intercept you absolutely harmless and completely be ignored.

Your Bristol Beaufighter is harder and tougher than anything but agile enough to go down to the tail of the Messerschmitt 109 and destroyed it easily. Annual model Hawker Typhoon from training mission also not too big to do with the physics of the game. The full version of the game will offer 16 linear missions, multiplayer there is to this game.

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