Battlefield 2 Special Forces Expansion Pack

expansion pack

Battlefield 2 Special Forces Expansion Pack

After the release of Battlefield 2 in the war environment of the modern era, the emergence of expansion it was obvious how much and one additional disk for Sims.

Dice has given Special Forces (expansion), which brings new terrain, weapons and vehicles but is also transferred and some old unsolved problems. When it comes to the field, this time the focus is thrown on the urban environment with an exceptional amount of buildings, houses, warehouses, factories and other locations where you will be sure to find enemy forces well armed.

What will be a problem to them, but to you is much smaller amount of planes and tanks. Programmers from Dice were for this move chosen because of pure fact that the aircraft very difficult to destroy, the same situation is with tanks and courts themselves by their design in that obey not make any advantage infantry forces.
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Here you can download the full game with expansion.

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Due to the exclusion of heavy weapons (aircraft, tanks) action on the ground is largely based thinking and tactics, rapid calculation and extremely small possibility that your opponent take the flag behind. The choice of vehicle will bring you several dilemmas, pick-up truck with good weapons, bagi with six wheels and two machine guns, APCs and helicopters.

APC is able to destroy much larger and stronger enemy forces, but has very little maneuverability. The absolute biggest novelties are certainly a night visor and playing at night in the fields, are also available various members of the special forces. Element night playing brings in Battlefield 2 new strategic approaches in the field, and this on several fronts.

In the evening calculations biggest enemy you flash-bang grenades, will lead to complete blindness people using night visor, gas grenades you can also provide a tactical advantage, using them will force opponents to use gasmask instead of night visor, which will Direc affect an opponent to do not see anything in the dark.
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Another novelty is the cable and landing with objects or climbing, if you use someone else’s cable be careful because he can find it unlatches while you halfway. As you can see the players are available new tactics that can change the outcome of the battle. Have been corrected and some well-known failures, the players greeted with enthusiasm.

If you like Battlefield 2, there is no reason not to go on an adventure called “Special Forces”. To sum up all, new courts, weapons and vehicles will surely refresh your battles and to change tactics with which you approached the war. Definitely worth to play this title.

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