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Battlefield Hardline is the first BF shooter that has a police and criminals theme, and will most likely come down to multiplayer, though it is also worth the effort that has been invested in a single player mode in which he attempted to return to the personality scene last seen in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Single-player is a crime story that is formed as a pseudosession of the TV series divided into episode-chapters. The focus is on young inspector Nick Mendoza, a honest cop surrounded by corrupt colleagues in the narcotics department. Falsely accused of murder, he will have to prove his innocence, bring guilty to the face of justice …
police blocked the robbers in the bank
Completing chapters in the single-player campaign brings you battlepacks for multiplayer bonus bonuses, voucher for armored additions, camouflage schemes and other cosmetics. Stoppage brings more single-player XP than killing, so it will be useful to unlock a new weapon.

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All in all, though the mechanics of the arrest are carried out slightly treasured, it gives you the option of an alternative, stealth approach, which is great news for the commonly bloody Battlefield. The two basic multiplayer differences of Hardline compared to the earlier battlefields are related to the arsenal and function of the vehicle, the missile weapon is not part of the basic class packages, but exists as a pickup on multiplayer maps, while lightweight vehicles are largely unarmed and serve primarily fast transport.
car chase to robbers
Multiplayer brings several old and several new modes, redesigned classes and arsenal, as well as a new unlocking system and weapons. Conquest and Team Deathmatch are still there because without them, Battlefield would not be Battlefield. There are several modes adapted to the roles of thieves and genders, which are extremely interesting and dynamic.

The first is Heist, a classic bank job in which the criminals should take the packet with the preciousness and escape to the heliodrome, whereby the police are prevented. The other is Blood Money, a kind of multi CTF where the thieves and the police grab the stacks from the map center and transport it to the safe at their bases, with the possibility of plundering the already deposited cage from the opponent’s boss.
gameplay stunned robbers
The third feature model is Hotwire, where you steal your car, and you get points by driving fast and destroying opponents hot-tuned vehicles … The new unlocking system has been modified in a way that resembles the one used in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Every weapon and accessories for him are bought in-game cash that you earn in missions, so every rifle is available after a few hours of playing. So if you play Battlefield for multiplayer, Hardline will not disappoint you – on the contrary!

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