Battlestar Galactica Squadrons Download

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Battlestar Galactica Squadrons Download

Does your family can withstand another your margins on infectious mobile timesink? If you can, have a play BSG: Squadrons, a game with which it is easy to forget the children and WC.

The game is conceptually identical with Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, except that instead of Leia, Han, Chewbacca and other rebel scum do not train Apollo, Adama, Starbuck and Boomer, but fighters and bombers colonial fleet. This does not mean that the game is depersonalized, on the contrary!
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The game is divided into chapters that follow the dynamics of TV series and standalone films, each of which is parceled into 8 episodes, each with a dialogic section of the main actors (albeit written, not staged). Meat games are tactical battle against the Cylons, or Sylons, as transcribed in the first translation of the novel the spaceship Galactica in the edition of Blue Bird.

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You and your opponent alternately drag moves, shoot, activate special and doing all the things you’ve never seen in the series. Victories bring resources, the resources you need to improve fleet, and so on.

The downside BSG: Squadrons is a need for monstrous grind, which is far, far more pronounced than in similar games. If you want to complete a campaign without losing real money, you’ll need weeks and weeks of multiple repetitions traveled mission to progressively higher levels of difficulty.

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