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Bloodborne is incredibly high quality, is an action role-playing video game, and even in some segments outperforms competing titles. Owners of PlayStation 4 have finally got the title they can proudly talk about.

Huge levels usually have one useful checkpoint, at your disposal you do not have a pause, and even the capture position is limited to recording the progress, which in such form can load only once. The groves that tumble in Yharnam are better armed than you, strategically driven and far better physically ready.

As a hunter-beginner you can only two or three times swipe with your weapon before you remain breathless, and the pistol that clutches with the other hand is enough to break the nervous opponents. You simply do not have the chance to survive, you do not see a way to get down to a square from which a bump and bark is coming, not to get rid of a tricky event that you have been playing with.
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If the matter is even worse, the blood echoes you have cast on sending the enemies to that world are lost at the moment you lose your life. Fear is catching and pervading, even when you discover that a safe heaven is behind the hedge, Hunter’s Dream! Here you will meet your mentor Gehrman.

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In addition, there is an animated doll that helps you channel the collected blood echoes and turn it into a coin to improve your ability. Going out of Hunter’s Dream returns you to the selected checkpoint with the respawn of all the pre-dropped creatures.
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Much more often than you have hoped for, you will deal with farming, over and over again, moving across the same locations with just one goal, collecting as much blood echoes as possible. On the fourth day of play you are facing a new challenge, the head of the first area.

In addition to the frenzied atmosphere, constant fear and countless spectacular bloody clashes, they are one of the main features of the game. The tremendous, tormented, transformed into horrors that are hard to watch, will represent an additional obstacle on the path to the release of the Yharnama.

The bosses are difficult and use different fighting techniques that you need to study well before you step into battle with them. As you increase the number of hours spent playing, you slowly relax and you start to see other things.

At your disposal you only have two different attacks, plain and destructive, and weapons can also be transformed to allow for greater damage or easier maneuver. Instead of a firearm, you can put a shield on the other hand, which in addition to dodge maneuver is actually the only defensive mechanism.

Each enemy has a different pattern of behavior and your perception and slow reflexes depend on which success you will be able to withstand. You get fired if you think your weapon / weapon upgrade will help you in close encounters, because as you evolve, enemies are progressing as well.

Graphics are divine and although everything is happening in a relatively monotonous environment, under darkness (darkness), there are no weak points. On the other hand, the animation and design of the creatures you meet (and especially the bosses) are superb, not to mention the nasty screams they give off as they come to you.

To end up to the end of Bloodborne, it takes over fifty hours of gameplay, and it’s interesting to have only a few optional areas that do not have to be complete in order for the story to go off to the end. Finally, upon completion of the game, the New Game + regime is automatically launched, where aggressive and bloodthirsty enemies are waiting for you, but also the chance to try out a new combination of weapons, armor and hematoma you buy along.

Because of Bloodborne, many players will want to buy Playstation 4 because HIT is not seen often.

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