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Blue Estate is an animated strip in the form of on-rails that is well suited to a colorful-scattered atmosphere. The game takes place in front of the first bandwidth and provides a sort of uverture in the events of the paper. The story is scattered across the board and is a reprehensible gangster-criminological cliché.

A relaxed tune of games with sporadically successful humor or effective absurd situations. The player is inevitably in the role of loser Toni Lucijan, the son of a Lao’s cousin of Koza Nostra, with a strong daddy issues, the only light point in the life of the stripper Čeri, or Clarence, of an ex-mariner who reluctantly returns his unwanted debts as a freelance killer at the service of the said family donation lucijano.
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Shooting with Trijadas or Jakus, Eastern European gangster busters and, in the final game, with Jamaica, takes place at seven levels, with three boss encounters at the end of some of the deons. The camera goes through the levels, leaving you to just temporarily deport your opponents or cursor keys to perform some of the side action, collecting health packages and ammunition for secondary weapons, rejecting anti-bombs, and other missiles, as well as some silly incoming procedures.

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The game provides help in the form of yellow circles that mark the enemies that will first strike in your direction. There are also sporadic enclosures behind which you can safely retreat. Finally, levels are scattered and slow targets that, after you hit them, temporarily slow down the flow of time and allow for more accurate mutilation of the bad guys.
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In addition to the original pistol that comes with an unlimited ammunition pack, you will encounter one secondary weapon with a consumable ammunition during the game, which inflicts more and more damage to your enemies (old rifle, automata, devastating revolver of your Aljoša company and so on).

If your motive is made as fast as possible at the end of each level, the game is rewardingly rewarding for every effective neutralization of opponents, from headshots, group confinement, to combo-metric budgeting, which you lose if you do damage and you can not quickly liquidate the current targets on the screen.
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In the game there is no idle and waiting for the engine to load the rest of the level if you have quickly cleaned the turret, but everything is running very fluidly. The graphics are functional and comfortable, with lots of detail and details on the screen, and the drives are the optimally optimized Unreal engine. High quality music, on-screen action, rolls all the time and further improves a solid atmosphere. Blue Estate is created for a short and effective showdown at the end of the screen, please try it out.

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