Broken Age Act 2 Download for PC PS4 and Vita

pc game and vita download
Broken Age Act 2 is a well-known adventure, bringing a lot more fun, to the joy of all, and over ten hours of active gameplay. The great finale of Broken Age’s first act now introduces us into a further story as a cause for everything that will continue to happen. Shane and Vela are in new, unknown locations, re-jammed at the beginning of the game, but in a completely different way.

Once again, you will choose which character you want to play first while you can always change the character if you want to play from another perspective or get stuck and want to rest from the problems that make you headache. Act 2 is not a separate cell, nor is it possible to access it directly, but only if your position has been recorded from the end of the first part.
Terrific Puzzles and Witty Dialogue
Otherwise, you will have to play from the beginning. It is very soon seen that almost everything left the first half completely neglected, the development of the main characters has stopped, there is no longer their bunta and the focus on breaking the predetermined norms. Both are indifferent to the things that are happening around them, almost as if they are on sedatives.

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Shee, she will be drowsy around as she collects parts for spacecraft repair, completely indifferent to the very shocking beginning of the chapter. Almost at the end of the story, there is a very important turning point in the story, without a brief explanation of a short dialogue, in the end there will be plenty of unanswered questions.
pc and vita download
Logic problems have always been an integral part of the adventure, and Act 2 has them at every step, but not all of them are uniform in ease or quality. From head to toe, where the solution is always obvious (just need to be set), boring problems are quickly reached when it is necessary to drag objects from the opposite end of the folder and pass through the 6-7 screen, and the characters can not run.

The worst cases are a puzzle where one mistake leads to a reset of the whole problem progress, whereby the necessary communication is carried out through not the most obvious options in dialogues. Act 2 looks very cool and unique, painted with pastel tones and surrealistic locations.
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All characters are re-emerging, and two to three new characters whose identities will not be revealed to you. The voice act is again top of the line, from Ilajdza Vud in the role of Shea to Vil Viton as a witty drummer. Technical problems, fortunately, there is no or no treasure of imprecise cursor. The fast transition between the scene was double clicked.

Broken Age Act 2 is an average point & click adventure that does not bring anything special to your gameplay, we expected more than Act 2, but unfortunately developers missed a chance to hit. Look at yourself and evaluate that we are right.

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