Call of Duty Black Ops III Review

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the twelfth sequel from the Call of Duty series, and has been in the market for twelve years. The single-player segment is getting worse, but the multiplayer component, the center point, and the whole point of the game progressed every year with big steps ahead, making the best-selling shooter a game.

For a quick-hitting player, skipping without strategic planning and the need to plan sessions with your friends, where there are no waiting games, or searching for the server from which the admin will drop you when one of his friends comes, there’s no better stuff than CoD. I traditionally love Battlefield games, but as I prepare for an average BF, I find a server, I wait for it to get loaded, I move 12 kilometers of the map from the spawn zone to the action so that the camper from the tower that is seen on the horizon killed me by a sniper, For playing.
black ops 3 best multiplayer ever
Black Ops III is located after Advanced Warfare, the Second Half of the 21st Century, everyone fights with each other, and the American team of cyber warriors in the fight against terrorism, paramilitaries and new geopolitical conglomerates are acting like fish in the water until they issue them out of their own ranks.

You can play the campaign in a co-operative way, and you can skip missions as you wish, because everything is unlocked from the beginning. Call of Duty: Black Ops III has a phenomenal multiplayer with probably the best maps in franchise history, adapted for double jumps, running along the walls and other vertical acrobatics. Instead of a generic soldier, you are currently selecting a class of specialists.
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At the start, four are available, while the rest is unlocked by advancing on game levels. Each class is distinguished by two unique abilities that it can use in matches when the energy tank is loaded lightly: one is a weapon, while the other is an attack and defense utility.

The Battery Specialist has a choice between the grenade launcher and the energy shield, the Outrider between the arc and the lightning and the radar pulse and the like. Each specialist uses a common arsenal of normal weapons and equipment, which is unlocked by combining unlock token and reaching the appropriate level, which has proven to be a functional system of toy progression.
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The cosmetic aspect of dressing your avatars has been little changed in the way it was in Advanced Warfare. Instead of frequent drops with pants, waistcoats and gloves that have overwhelmed your inventory, you now unlock new bone parts slowly and in two ways: by naming killers with a specific specialist and crypto-currency spending on random crates in the Black Market section of the interface.

As for multiplayer modes, there is only one improvement, a safeguard, in which one team follows the robot on the automatic path from points A to B, while others need to destroy it, so they rotate in the second round. As I said a few times, the main multiplayer stars are big and imaginatively designed maps, among which there is a new variant of all of your favorite Nuketown.
zombies mod play
In relation to the fast high-tech cyber madness of Advanced Warfare, here everything is a nuance better because of drastically higher-quality maps. There is also a great Zombie mode for a cooperative game of four players, which comes in the form of two excellent mini-campaigns. The first of them is conceived as a mixture of film noirs, level design and production really represents the best zombie mode so far.

Black Ops III also exists in versions for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, although they do not have a single-player component, according to their internal statistics, Black Ops II still plays around 12 million people.

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