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Castle in The Darkness is a new Inde Metroidvania, a specific mix of platforming, action and branching levels you access after unlocking new abilities. The story begins with the kingdom being attacked by a witch, the princess is of course abducted, and our knight is the only surviving member of the royal guard.

Armed with a sword and a single attack, in the next ten hours you will be beaten through hordes of caracters and chase through the intricate structure of countless levels. Gameplay is simple to make it simpler – except for the movement keys you only have to jump and attack, ie magic attack by holding the action key when you unlock that option.
The beginning of the game
Lack of innovations in the mechanics of the game have overwhelmed authors with brutal weight. Castle in The Darkness does not sparing you on a single screen after the initial, unpleasant reminiscing of time when games are designed to be nasty.

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Some random opponents will take you up to half the health with one stroke while it is possible to survive up to four attacks by certain bosses. Bodies are instantaneous death and time levels are overwhelmed by them. Of course, no forgetting and falling instakill obstacles as well as opponents coming from the end of the screen are right on your path.
Buying and selling equipment
Blindness means returning to a previous checkpoint that can be distanced by just two screens or even a good 10 minutes of play by respawning all enemies. The only way to supplement the health line is at checkpoints or boss bossing. Secondary levels are excursions, alternate routes usually do not exist or appear much later in the game, and neither fast travel will be available for the first few hours.

The capability of the main character is not unlocked progressively because there is almost nothing to unlock – the fireball and boomerang gets relatively fast, after which the rest of the equipment comes down to stronger swords and more robust armor. When you get a double jump, you will be far from the initial zones where this option was useful for reaching certain bonuses. Navigation is hampered by the lack of a map!
Fight with the boss
Random NPCs that remind you how dangerous it is to go alone, that this is a terrible night to make a curse and so on. The mechanic quickly enters the fingers, the figure reacts with a blinking no-delay and it is easy to make precise jumps. The accompanying music is excellent and contagious, though mildly repetitive because melodies do not last long.

Graphically, the game blinds the osmotic video game, playing in fullscreen mode for some reason does not fill the entire screen either vertically or horizontally, and is the slowest slowdown in the game’s last game.
Castle in the Darkness will make you so embarrassed that it will shorten your life for at least ten years and seem to bend your hair off your head.

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