Cities Skylines Review (gameplay)

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Cities: Skylines are completely made in old school manuscripts, but that does not mean that mechanics is not upgraded to fresh ideas. Skylines really have no goals, no tasks that need to be done to advance, the only goal of the game is to build and maintain your dream city’s functional.

For the first 24 hours 250,000 copies of the game were sold, and seven days later the number exceeded a million! At the beginning, you choose one of the nine offered maps that are different in terms of terrain configuration, amount of water as well as mineral resources needed to develop a commune.
marking zones for construction
The connection with the rest of the world is done by joining the local highway, which is important from the perspective of the future trade as well as the influx of people. It is enough to set the zone along the way as it is a residential or industrial area and start building houses, factories, shops…

Here you can find:

As you progress later, you will be able to clearly define city quarters and the rules that apply to them. It is practically possible to make ghettos where other rules apply to the rest of the city. So different neighborhoods may have different taxes, you can provide citizens with free transportation, use of the ferry, medical assistance and many other things that you consider important micro management is important.
Planning and construction of highway

People need to drain water from the nearby water source, but also provide sewage to remove wastewater and unpleasant odors from the city. Nothing works without electricity, so when the city starts to grow you will have to get more electricity.
Skylines allows you to easily implement changes to existing infrastructure and even modify the characteristics of certain objects (for example, roads). Traffic congestion is the biggest challenge, especially the definition of city and subway lines.

One segment in which a game dominates over the competition is the ability to modify, as you will always find something new and interesting that you can use in your virtual city from a multitude of online content. The goal is to constantly improve the look and function of a city, the player can create new maps, but also design new facilities that can later be used by everyone from an online municipality.
panoramic view of the city
All this novelties of this type are taken from the Steam Workshop, which means that the exchange is extremely simple. It may well be that you will not be able to create multiple cities at once and connect them, but you are limited to building a megalopolis per play session.

Cities Skylines is offered in two versions, the Deluxe variant is more expensive and the simplest version, in the deluxe you will be able to build five world-famous buildings – Eiffel Tower, Triumphal Gate, Statue of Liberty, Brandenburg Gate and Grand Central Station.

For whatever version of the game you decide, you can not blame it because it’s an exceptional micro-management game that competition is not currently able to find on the market.

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