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Convoy is a tactical rogue RPG that draws mechanical inspiration from FTL, and conceptual from the Mad Max movie series. The Convoy game is just a convoy of a spacecraft with a crew of spacecraft crashed on a planet without laws or borders.

The planet is a post-apocalyptic world in which three factions are divided: mercenaries, bandits, and intelligent robots, and in this unsustainable, procedurally generating landscape there are parts needed to repair the ship and return to the galactic course. Your convoy will target 2D field maps, run quest markers, and try to save fuel by driving on the road instead of macadam, fighting when you can or when you are struggling and solving micro adventure situations.
Convoy on its way to the next station
When it comes to fighting, the game is switched to a “break” real-time tactical mode in which you have to destroy the attackers and at the same time prevent them from disassembling a central, base vehicle (MCV). Battles are conceived as a drudge of power in which enemy daggers, armed darts, and other vehicles are jurnering your convoy across the bar full of obstacles, bypassing you and firing while you or they do not stay without a car.

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In addition to the MCV, you can have up to four vehicles in the convoy that you can buy, win in quests and random situations, and equip you with weapons and gadgets depending on the available resources and offers.
Arsenal vehicles and accessories for them are quite large, light and heavy machine guns, plain, rail and plasma guns, heavy and lightweight self-guided missiles, energy shields and minipools of EMP and explosive mines imply different effects on the armor and line of health opponents.
main objective view on map
You can do the elimination of the opponent without weapons, the vehicle is equipped with a shield and A.I.D. A module that prevents damage from collisions, you can hit the villains until they break down or instakill them into the obstacles that each level is full of. You can boost your vehicles in the sphere of primary features (armor, health etc.), and you can also budget them for reaction speeds on the controls and range of weapons.

Armaments and accessories, vehicle repairs and fuel purchases are done in campgrounds that are scattered on the ground, which is one of the basic weight factors of the game and a constant generator of dilemma “whether to sink a little, empty reservoir and dock a major quest location or to I go back to the camp, run gas and crash the convoy. ” The answer to this question is often crucial because the Convoy game where there is no repair exam…
vehicle upgrade and refueling
There is no way for disengagement here, but every encounter is a struggle for life and death, which would still be right if there was a theoretical or practical way of assessing the strength of an opponent before the battle. While some battles can be avoided by fuel consumption (overload of engines and fighters in the fight / flee preflight), you will not do it because fighting is often the only way to get money and fuel.

In a later campaign, the game becomes really difficult because it is virtually impossible to protect MCV from opponents that are progressively getting stronger and more numerous. Convoy is an extremely tough game, this will know that the chances, just aroused SF fans.

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