Cosmonautica Download PC Android iOS

cosmonautica pc, android or ios free download

Cosmonautica Download PC Android iOS

Cosmonautics represents the simulation of a space entrepreneur through a nonlinear campaign or sandbox model, similar to Privateer and Elite. Through the initial steps, you are guided by the N1L robot bird, and through it you get insight into the state of the crew, finances and scientific projects.

The map on which Cosmonautics plays is divided into three circles that make separate galaxies and in the first of them your adventure begins. The epicenter of events on each planet represents orbital cells, within which important sites are distributed.
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For example, when you shop with a merchant of various goods, shipyard equipment, and keep your cosmic ship, the employment bureau serves to recapture the naive in the ranks of the ship crew. When shopping, attention should be paid to prices varying depending on the currently available quantity of a particular type of goods, as well as whether the planet imports or exports the goods.

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The higher the level of “professional qualifications” of the employee, the higher the contract signing price, as well as the personal income that must be paid, and if you need a specific worker profile, you can pay professional scouting services.
cosmonautica pc free download
The missions are somewhat diverse, including transportation of goods and passengers, destruction of certain targets and smuggling. Most missions require specialized crew members and the construction of special naval facilities. For warehousing is a necessary warehouse, although search systems are not out of the way, passengers are spoiled, they need to be provided with luxury cabins.

Basic rooms are available for building from the very beginning, while more advanced variants are explored through a separate panel of research. The minimum required for normal crew life consists of a living room, a canteen and a toilette, and the construction of a laboratory opens up the possibility of creating more advanced rooms such as gym, virtual entertainment center and mini-pharmacy. The same approach also produces various weapons.
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Crew members are bothered, they become hungry, they have to go to the toilet … If you do not pay attention to the hygiene, the crew will be defeated and will not be able to perform the job. This is largely similar to the SIMS series. Over the N1L interface, the workers are given the debts: who will be in the kitchen, who to pilot and who to be a scientist.

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When recruiting a novice, you also have to ensure that crew members share common interests because they will be in the middle of working time. Before you leave the starter system you can comfortably explore all the skyscrapers and take the boat to the maximum.

Since the game is an obvious mobile port, do not expect the graphic extravaganza, though the appearance of the alien race is somewhat delightful. The Cosmonautics at the sea of space-trading simulations represent a mediocre achievement that does not bring anything spectacular.

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