Cradle PC Game Download

cradle pc game download

Cradle PC Game Download

Cradle is a science fiction adventure game indie, a story of a tireless human search for a lifetime, in the form of shrinking into mechanical constructs and body. The characters and surroundings of Cradle are reduced to the smallest possible extent, and remind us of a very good novel of science fiction.

The player is in the role of a young man with amnesia who, a few years after a nasty and mysterious explosion, wakes up in his son’s lawsuit, somewhere in Mongolia, on a 2076 flight. Your only companion, next to your old companion, Ongot’s hawk, is still just a mysterious, currently inactive female robot Ida.
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The only sites of interest from the ambiguous Mongolian mountain range are the nearby tram station, a series of garden basins with swollen flowers, and the ruins of a remote dome complex of the alleged entertainment park for children.

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The story of a tireless human search for a bigger life, in the form of a shift from consciousness to mechanical constructs and body, evolves into the study of the greater need for the human race to constantly distinguish between its members, this time at the genetic level.
cradle game free download
Complex patterns of action, various explanations, hypothetical discussions and concepts, and whole philosophy, criticism, and admiration for the human race will, as a rule, experience almost exclusively through linear interviews with the mentioned robo-girl, as well as reading the whole sea of various newspapers, Reports, maps, charts, notes, infographics, announcements, posters, posters and the like.

In addition to the aforementioned inspection of many literary reads, limited interaction is possible with certain objects from the environment, which can be stored in the inventory. The problem is that the items come without any description, and the player is required to play it himself when playing and collecting information.
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The items require the planned play, systematization and their proper use so that they do not happen to receive them and irretrievably waste by the dense shake of the surrounding stairs, some objects will need you in certain places, if you lose them then only help restart the current chapter.

The atmosphere of the feeling of isolation and loneliness is all at a high level and has created a feeling of mild, constantly pushing you on to playing. Graphic solutions are well executed and implemented. The lyrics are dominated by the abrupt tones that have been sporadically squeezed with brightly colored elements, with a bunch of details and elements.

The sound component of the game is standard in the second plan, in the form of unobtrusive and discreet ambient music, with well-made sound effects or atmospheric summaries of windshield waving and croaking, which enhances the atmosphere during gameplay in the right way.

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