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Darksiders is the most exquisite extract of such a way of thinking, a game that para-religious ideas raises to an unprecedented caricature plane, succeeding in shaping the design and quality of the mechanics of toys out of the ashes of the ideas associated with the end of a concentrated nudity.

To maintain the balance of good and evil is a special body, a voluntary neutral council, which balances angels and demons enfors with four rider of apocalypse, not giving one side the opportunity to become too much and become dominant. Apocalypse, that is, the final calculation of the OK coral, occurs when good guys get to the bad and pole seal methods that prevent Armageddon, hoping to dispel the demons to the action that will lead to their destruction.
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The Heavenly and Army armies cross the swords, spears and horns on the earth, destroying the world of man and turning the battlefield of Earth into which nobody is spared. In the furtut of the whole time, you are also in the role of War, the rider of the apocalypse who comes to judge the living, the dead, the good and the bad. Unfortunately, it turns out that you are deceived: the last seal is not broken, and the Council blames you for a premature “appearance” and distortion of balance.

The verdict: they take off a bigger part of the “supernatural” attributes and throw you back to the ruined planet in the mission of restoring things to the old. The game is housed in an unposted post-apocalyptic town and its surroundings, and is designed as a pseudo-arcade-adventure sandbox like Batman: Arkham Asylum.
Horseman apocalypse
Full freedom of movement through the zones will only be near the end of the game, when completing tasks and obtaining a weapon / fantasy tug will you gain the ability to overcome the terrain obstacles. The second, combat pole design game irresistibly reminds of the God of War, the War is a mutilated melee fighter who will be in conflict with the forces of good and evil using the sword, hair, some kind of gleyv bataranga, gun and other artifacts, liquidating their opponents in such a way Explicitly jerky that at the same time enchants and annoys.

An integral element of the game design, the one that is both arcade and adventurous, are field puzzles, the ways to open the way to progress by deciphering dozens of progressively more complex jigsaw pieces, a good part of which depends on the hardware you have. Some of them, especially those at the end, when you get a portal gun, will really put you in trouble.

Darksiders is one of the rare games the nebula idea does not mind. The idea of field puzzles as a dominant gameplay aspect is brilliant to a certain extent, which designers in the campaign often cross over.

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Will the devil come to mind that the captive angel allows the opportunity to escape through a cunning newcomer who needs to re-energize the energy rays from the three corners of his fortress? In gameplay you will experience violent battles, where you will relentlessly go, remove your head, wiggle your wings and spit out the spine to everyone who’s in the way!

Darksiders is an extremely violent game, if you do not mind the morbid scene of the killings in the fight, it’s time to do it, otherwise we do not recommend this title.
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