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Dead or Alive 5 the long-term saga has only recently come to PC for the first time in the Ultimate edition of Last Round. The main regimen is of course the Doatec Corporate Story, which organizes tournaments from the title and a bunch of characters eager to prove themselves at those tournaments. It’s a great way to try out all the characters.

In addition, old scientists are also present with no surprises: arcade mode, survival, 1n1, and battle tag. Online gaming fans will be left empty because the PC version of the game for now has no online mode. According to publishers, this should be added.
Last Round gameplay
The combat system is incredibly easy with just two kicksticks, a block and a capture key. The depth of this kind of system is to counter-strike, engage and bind the combos so that the opponent counterbs and opens for a critical blow or for a new combo. There is a very comprehensive tutorial with over 40 chapters where absolutely every move you can make is explained.

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The fight is actually quite realistic and is based on actual martial arts, though occasionally there are unrealistic jumps and teleports in the ninja. Advanced moves are very situational and you can even overcome the arcade mode on hard weight not using any of them.
Last Round there is no competition on the PC
We noticed some defects in the score, but the shot went well beyond the reach of the opposing team. Arenas are delicate with texture and a small number of polygons, but uneven and quality textures and models of characters with an obvious focus on the halftone half and their shaded faces.

The PC version is announced as ultimate, but inferior to the PS4 / Xbox One with regard to the effects, there is no damage to the bones that also exists on the PS4 and there are two arenas missing. It is possible to adjust the resolution, the nicks and the edge smoothing, the optimization is excellent, everything will work smoothly in the configurations below the minimum, and loading is almost instantaneous.

In the domain of Martial Arts, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, there is no competition on the PC.

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