Deception IV The Nightmare Princess Download

deception iv the nightmare princess free download

Deception IV The Nightmare Princess Download

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess is a kind of action and strategy game, and it’s an exclusive addition to the previous chapter from the Deception, Blood Ties series. This is the first PlayStation 4, and the sixth sequel to Deception.

The Nightmare Princess gameplay puts players in the service of primordial evil, a creature that has been known for its greatness for thousands of years as Great One! Overwhelmed by the starvation of starvation, this human soul grower spawns the helper as a trap and uses them to collect through his power.
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The one who provides him with more food falls on the lover of his beloved and is rewarded with new powers, while defeated for punishment are being sent to a deep, big dream. Great One feeds on human suffering experienced in the dream. The princess, therefore, takes control of the dreams of the selected misfortunes, causing nightmares, suffering, despair, humiliation …

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The action takes place in a space called Dark Side Heaven, which allows princesses to take control over the dreams of their victims. Through a series of individual missions, the player only takes on the awakened Princess Velguirie, who lost almost all of his power after a long dream. In order to recover and to regain the former glory, you are advised to give it an unusual ephemeral automata.
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During the game, the main heroine is happy with the misfortunes that need to be tainted with death, as well as with the characters that appeared in the previous chapters of the game. The quest regime is almost straightforward, though in a few cases the tasks are branched, and each missed mission can be repeated until you achieve the perfect result.

The gameplay mechanics were brought to perfection and were overwhelming, even though you did not have the chance to meet with the Deception universe earlier. Everything revolves around trapping the traps and lightly scatters the sacrifice of energy until the moment when it surrenders and remains forever captured in the dream. There are as many as 180 ingenuous items available to help you set up a toy field just as you imagined.
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You can place pitfalls on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling, and also use objects from the surroundings. The goal is to design the site to enable the engagement of the traps in order to achieve the greatest damage from one passage. The aggravating circumstance is that the traps are activated manually and the victim is lured to the places where they are placed.

Some opponents are just joking about you not thinking what’s waiting for them on the road ahead, while there are those that are not so easy to point to a wrong step. Let’s go back to the traps, at the beginning you have them in a limited number, but as you progress and fulfill your master’s tasks, more and more opportunities will be opened.
deception iv the nightmare princess download for free
Traps for bears, bouncing boards, guillotines, moving walls, poisonous arrows and who knows everything does not expect you as a reward for obedience. Levels are short and time-limited, and their completion is often conditioned by the use of certain types of traps or moves, regardless of whether you have eliminated the opponent beforehand, this must be respected.

The main heroine is also susceptible to damage that may be subject to traps, but also opponents themselves. The princess defends them with a lightning strike, like a kick with a foot that does not bring great damage, but can ruin an opponent at some time.
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The action is monitored from the perspective of the third person and can be paused at any moment and transmitted to the planning regime. Then you get insight into the network of play-fields and do the exact setting of the traps. Their rotation, action orientation is enabled, and there is also a graphical representation of the slides of the selected traps.

After completing all 100 missions in Quest, the fun does not end. Namely, The Nightmare Princess also has a campaign that actually follows the story of Blood Ties and represents a custom version of the original PlayStation 4 game. The player has a Free Battle mode, where he can define the fighting conditions at his discretion.

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess is an extremely unusual game, gameplay is almost perfect, countless combinations, an online component is available, which is quite enough to keep you long in front of the screen.

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