Destiny The Taken King Xbox PS Download

free download destiny the taken king

Destiny The Taken King Xbox PS Download

Destiny: The Taken King is the first major expansion, making a few radical cuts and corrections and bringing a lot of improvements. The amount of improvement is also reflected in the price: 40 euros / dollar is twice more than the price of the previous expansion.

Single-player missions are spiced with much more narration and dialogue, with a large number of films between them, where the rest of the acting team comes to the fore. Lens Redik, and especially Nejtan Filion, are no longer static dolls from which you are buying a gear in the base, but active narration participants that you will hear about all the steam.
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Otherwise, the expansion campaign is tied to the famous Oryx, Father Crote, the main villain in the first Season of Destiny, whom you’ve been liquidating if you’ve been involved in raids. Oryx is a new, hitherto most powerful threat to the only remaining enclave of freedom in the famous universe, but what about our guardians who are swimming in the Traveler’s Light …

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Campaign missions are much better and harder than those in the original, and locations are architecturally more complex. The only thing that matters a bit in the new decor of the interior are the decks in which over the crevices jump from platform to platform.
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Conceptual and content enhancements are really many. The level cap that is achieved through experience is raised to 40, with a redesigned light system, a factor that allows you to raise the level beyond this limit. Instead of a fixed value on every piece of weapon and equipment, the “light” stage is now calculated as the average of all the values it has, which, among other things, leaves behind the bad compromises with equipment in the past.

In your avatars inventory, you now have two new slots, Ghost shell and class item, which point to the same principle as the rest of the equipment. And cosmetic “classy armor” now gives you bonus on defense and other values and you will not be able to choose them for aesthetic reasons alone.
destiny the taken king xbox one/360 download
Each class now has a new slam: Titan has got Sunbreaker, Warlock Stormcaller, and Hunter Nightstalker. Each subclass has new special attacks and alternative attack-defense features, which will have the greatest effect in PVP. The Sunbreaker, say, instead of the energy barriers or AoE attacks, which are the Defender and Striker titan’s Titles, now has a firebox that throws it like Tor, who simply blows everything in the blow.

The new subclasses are, therefore, massively overpowered and quite realistic to expect some future nerf. There is also a solid number of new mission strikes, as well as a new raid in which you will fight with Oryx and his lieutenants. Destiny raids are still the only true “endgame” in the game, which, unfortunately, does not even allow any matchmaking right now, but leaves you alone to settle down.

So, if you do not have five friends who actively play Destiny, you still have to search for partners through specialized websites! Destiny, as a very specific mutant of shooters and MMO elements, does not look like anything else on the market, and it’s real foolish that the PC audience has remained for such a good title.

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