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Dex game is a retro-arcade RPG cyber-punk platform adventure, made at the very best of the 16-bit gameplay, which is expected to take a wide spectrum of this particular SF sub-grade. The player is in the role of a heroine hero who lives in the distorted Mega-polis of Harbor Prime and whose life moves from the roots when suddenly turn to mysterious artificial intelligence, a few moments before her soldiers are beaten by the soldiers of Zealous corporations.

After the initial vacations on the roofs of the building, and then the canalization inhabited by various bands and other dangers, the decade will soon end up in the main and secondary streets of harbor prime, clustered in the vortex of corporate spells with discontinued artificial intelligence, all thanks to the newcomer ability to go with the virtual saint connects without using the classic jack on the body.
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Despite the classic way of doing, Dex has a high level of openness and openness. There is full freedom for visits to numerous locations (once you get a map, you can travel quickly between them, provided you have visited them at least once), the sequence of main and secondary missions and tasks, as well as the development of characters through several basic attributes Skill (endurance, bargaining or firearm fighting, hacking, latching, harness for additional lines of dialogue and so on).

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Fighting and clashes with many opponents and bands are not very well done. The way the designers imagined frustration, with the active use of the block, the wondering and timely protests of the opposing strikes, is very successfully canceled by feverish jumping behind the opponent and fast hitting until he cries. It makes it easier to fight with bigger groups, provided you first neutralize individuals who are armed.
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In virtual reality when hacking various computers and systems made in the manner of foolish gaming with tapping. They also interfere with smaller technical issues with the game interface. Thus, in the inventory overview, the descriptions of the subject are, for some reason, flat on the screen, although you can see them if you initiate a purchase at a number of sellers.

Dex game can boast well-designed locations, the general impression is good, we recommend everyone who loves a retro arcade RPG.

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