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divinity original sin enhanced edition free download
Divinity: The Original Sin appeared in 2014 was a hit on the market, got its upgraded version. However, we can freely say that it is a new game, because it contains many innovations and improvements that we did not expect to such an extent.

Let’s start from the obvious things: Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition now exists in versions for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Mac in 1080p resolution, fluently, and with the level of detail to which you would also like PC complement. In fact, the graphics are improved compared to the original, more detailed textures, additional light effects, as well as the possibility of rotating the camera in the 360 degree range.
lets play divinity original sin enhanced edition
The PlayStation 4 Enhanced Edition looks great, but what delighted us is the management system. Full control has been implemented to control the controller with the help of the famous Radial menu, which in practice works perfectly. Access to inventory, leveling characters, fighting, controlling the camera and other essential things as if they were originally creating for controllers.

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There is no reason why you would like to get the keyboard and mouse. The next important thing is offline multiplayer support that is implemented in the form of a dynamic split screen system. Namely, two players can simultaneously play in a cooperative mode on a screen that is divided vertically only when the family is separated.
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If the characters are next to each other, the action is viewed in a classic fullscreen display mode. Otherwise, the story is expanded, new missions are added, existing ones are enhanced and enriched by detail and tweaked complication. All of this is accompanied by new locations, and there is even a completely different end.

More than 10 new types of opponents, new intermediates that explain the story, and even three completely new weighting modes that allow you to play games and stunned RPG fans (Honor) and beginners for the genre (Explorer) have been added.
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The game has been enriched and improved by the crafting system, there are 15 new skills available, and we believe that many will be glad that the game is almost completely underlined by voiceover. All NPCs are now being talked about, the only questions that are posed to the characters you are conducting are conversations.

Furthermore, new game styles are available, just like a few new weapons: magic wand, grenades, dual welding daggers… The improvements concerning the relationship of forces in the battlefield, the behavior of AI-guided creatures, the economy and everything else we will not start, there are too many of them.
divinity original sin enhanced edition play two player
Divinity: The Original Sin Enhanced Edition is worth every pair, and for the PC and Mac players that own the original, it is a completely free upgrade. And these versions are equipped with command control support, while Windows users will also enjoy support for DirectX 11.

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