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Dragon Ball: XenoVerse is a cult anime series finally giving the PC players the ability to play. XenoVerse is a kind of retrospective of the most famous moments in the series. Namely, the duo of mysterious aliens travels through time and changes the history of the universe at key moments so that the bad guys triumph.

Trunks collects dragons balls, and invokes the almighty dragon Shadow, to give the dragon an ultimate fighter to correct these anomalies. Here you enter the scene, that is, the character you create. Creating a figure is reduced to the choice of race, gender, and a few cosmetic options.
Choice fighter to fight
You become a Trunks member of the time patrol located in the village of Tok Tokkie. This is a kind of habit from which you launch missions and access other modes of the game. It is divided into three segments, including short loading screens, essential locations are scattered all over the place and a lot of chatting is needed to get anywhere. The village is almost completely lifeless, with a small number of NPCs serving just to say a sentence-two outside the context.

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When you are online in the village, other players with whom you can talk and contract matches so that everyone remembers the MMO. In the menu, players need to spend too much time in the hub, the movement is reduced to light jagging while in the rest of the game characters can fly and run very fast.
phantom fighter
The list of controls at first glimpses, but after one or two battles, you are used to the combat system of the game. The basics are light and strong blows, as well as generic projectiles. By performing these punches, the “Ki” scale is filled and unlocks the use of specials.

Here you can find a new game from the series:

Since the fighting takes place in 3D environments and you are almost constantly in the air, combos and performing specials are simplified. Combo moves are the same for all characters and there are very few, and specials can have up to four. You can have the ultimate blows, but get slower.
powerful combos shot
XenoVerse will break you down with your leg, as there are good game sinemetics, especially if you are a hardcore fan series and you are afraid of all the legendary scenes. During the main campaign, you will often run into a wall of combat that is impossible to get because your character is not strong enough. Then you have to turn to the short Paralel quest missions that will repeat you earning the leveling and getting better equipment and items.

In online mode, you can meet some of the characters in the series, and become their pupil, so get specific skills, but it takes a lot of time. In the local versus mode for two players, at the beginning no character is available! The exception is your custom created character. You have to go through the campaign to have any kind of character base.

XenoVerse is a decent game to which some MMO elements have been added. The PC edition is very well-optimized, runs at 60fps and supports all control schemes. It is visually better than the Naruto games and the models of the characters are visibly better. Dragon Ball XenoVerse is a very good game, if you are a fan of “Dragonball” series, we strongly recommend that you play.

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