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The first thing you’ll see in Driveclub is fantastic graphics that do not stop just on the excellent car models and track details. The environment is almost photo-realistic, packed with content that as a magnet pulls the view from the action. Further, the races are coated with dynamic weather conditions that turn the account into account of the dramatic struggles for life and death by ruthless plucking and drifting storms.

A realistic physical model renders each drop / flake, and it looks divine on the screen. Finally, Driveclub enjoys the accelerated time span that is deserving for racing to start day by day and end in the dark or vice versa.
A car sliding on the road
Instead of racing tracks and classic car racing cars, they have chosen scenic drive locations across Canada, Scotland, Chile, Norway… Very nice look is due to the “eye candy” view from the cockpit of the car, although action can be traced back to five distinctive views, holes and glass windows, and there are two third-person views.

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The Driveclub brings a remarkable sense of speed and smooth performance that we do not have as much as we can, perhaps Forza 5. Sometimes the action is going to happen too fast, especially when you find yourself surrounded by 11 cars that run extremely aggressive AI.
View from the car
There are classic options for controlling the slip and direction of movement, tweaking ABS, you can not even engage in an ideal trajectory, you can not adjust the intelligence of the opposing drivers, which means that you are left alone and the routine that automatically elevates weight through leveling.

Driving is fairly simple and you are easy to assiduity. The car is busy in curves, even with sudden braking or change of direction at high speeds. You do not have to worry about the damage as they are solely cosmetic, and similarly can be found for collisions that are almost in Need of Speed.
Overcoming other players
The game penalizes hiking trails and Demolition Derby driving by taking away the so-called fame points used to unlock new cars. The campaign is divided into a number of smaller events that involve a stop at the stop from A to B, making fast circuits, classic racing with AI opponents, or drift breaks.

In addition to the fame point, you also have the stars used to unlock new levels. You get the rackets for placement, but also for performing special tasks. For example, it is necessary to observe a certain time, to reach the specified speed of movement, to plot the contour of the movement in certain curves, to collect a certain number of drift points and so on.

It is interesting that during the race there are also tasks that directly compare you with online competitors and it is extremely fun. Driveclub, in other words, supports pooling players into clubs and co-op performing tasks where the results of each individual driver are converted into common Fame Points that can now be used to unlock the unavailable car in the single player campaign.

Fantastic graphics, combined with dynamic weather conditions and excellent views from the car’s cabin, will make you want to get the Driveclub.

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