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dropsy game free download

Dropsy Game Download

Dropsy is a point & click adventure, the main character of the clown Dropsy, did not cause laughter, but rather the hating of people who did not know that behind his slightly angry exterior hides a big heart. Dropsy wants to hug and cheer every person, animal and plant they meet.

All the characters you encounter at the first encounter show repulsion to Dropsy, perhaps because of his exterior, perhaps because he is suspected of causing a fire in a circus in which several people were killed five years ago, including his mother.
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But after you help characters and solve their problems, they become friendly towards Dropsy, and he empowers a new-found friendship with embrace. During their adventures, Dropsy will embrace children, babies, grandfathers, robots, aliens, pillars, trees, squirrels, field toilets etc.

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Instead of voice acting or text, stories and dialogues are presented with pictures and symbols in comic balloons. The authors have opted for this approach because Dropsy can not speak and has problems in understanding other people. Dropsy is an open-world game, at the beginning, almost entire maps with a good number of locations are available.
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The size of the map here is a problem, because you can only get the fastest route between locations in the second half of the game, and by then you will already encounter from end to end map. Puzzles are mostly pretty simple. For example, you encounter a bird that keeps you from the road, and above your head you see a bubble with a picture of her favorite food: it’s not a big mystery what you are expected to do.

Most puzzles follow a scheme similar to the one above: characters give you a solution to the problem, and you just need to get this solution to work. Although most riddles are simple, there are also a few badly conceived problems that can cause you to get stuck.
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Through your adventure, you are followed by your faithful dog, and later joined by two more animals, which you can control to solve the riddles. You will use each of these animals to solve only one type of problem that is specific to it. So, for example, the dog can dig holes and wet the hydrants.

Dropsy also contains a note of melancholy, as well as some dark moments, in which the tone of cheerfulness and optimism prevails. It’s worth playing, because of the wild world and characters, and because it has some kind of topic and point.

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