Empire Earth 2 The art of Supremacy Cheats

cheat codes for empire earth 2

Empire Earth 2 The art of Supremacy Cheats

If for some reason you need cheat codes, here you will find Empire Earth 2 cheat codes. I have to admit that even now sometimes I play Although it has been many years since the release.

Cheating codes:

During the game, press “enter” and the chat window, type the following code:

  • Loot – 1000 adds all resources
  • Give tech – technology adds 50 Pts
  • Epoch up – go to the next era
  • Convert – Conversion enemy units selected
  • Idontcheat – reverses the effect of previously entered codes for cheating
  • Punish – takes 20 damage Pts selected unit
  • Taxes – a reduction of resources for 100
  • Play god – God Mode
  • Sea monkeys – accelerated construction
  • Recharge me – renewed energy selected unit
  • Win – Win the current scenario
  • Toggle fog – haze

To display frames, simultaneously press the keys: Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and F
If you want to see which version of the game you own, simultaneously press the keys: rl, alt, shift and V

About Expansion

History repeats itself, the colossal nature of Empire Earth games once again overshadows its predecessors. Appendix called The Art of Supremacy will concern only persistent RTS players, primarily in the area of multiplayer warfare.

In addition there are four new nation, on the one hand engagement dozens of times treated the Russians and the French not so much to impress players. Even when an entire campaign dedicated to just painful predictability, their mutual persecution by the Russian backwoods frozen at the time of Napoleon, a story told many times that will attract great attention of players.

empire earth 2 play on pc

On the other hand African Zulu tribe and the Masai are there to at least partially shake already seen the script and offer players something new. Masai are getting their own campaign, during which in the near future conflict with multinational corporations around new energy sources.

Zulu warriors were given two historical mission, where the clash with England. These two African nations are drastically different from other nations, at least in the initial periods, warriors they are stronger than other civilizations. During gameplay, gradual mechanization during the epoch of them gradually visually closer to the other participants, so that their uniqueness is gradually losing.

The art of Supremacy gameplay
As the icing on the cake comes editor, so that with a little imagination and effort you can create a new campaign for your needs. It is possible to create alliances among warring civilizations, which on paper is functioning perfectly but is not so easy to Re- game.

Added is a new skirmish called Tug-of-War, where the player first selects a pair of maps will fight, and then trying to win at all in a row and also gets the last folder in the series, which is the homeland of his opponent. When switching from one to another folder, transmitted reached epoch and technology. Tug-of-war mode is a little refreshment to be a short time to keep the attention of players.

In short this supplement is judging all quite average, will provide a bit of fun.

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