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Ephemerid A Musical Adventure is a simple rhythmic game where you run a paper insect that lives just one day. In essence, it is a very short narrative experience, ie a visualization of a music album. As far as mechanics are concerned, Ephemerid, the first title of SuperChop Games, is, for the most part, a simple rhythmic game.

You’re in the paper version of a water-in-water, Ephemeropter insect known to live for just one day. While in the background goes melodic, the watercraft moves along the globe made of glass, paper and light, and it’s up to you to click or drag part of the screen occasionally with your mouse or finger if you play on the phone.
For example, at the beginning of the tree, the jar falls down, and it is up to you to click on the leaves that the flower touches in the rhythm. Later, skip the mouse screen to save or capture the flywheel and so on. It does not matter if you can not do these tasks because there is no game over in the game.

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So, this mechanics is so clean that you have something to do while you leave immersion in the joyous world of Ephemeris. The idea of an aquatic bloom that must maximize the use of its only day of life in theory is the problem that situations in which the flower invaded are not particularly interesting or real.
Playing, stars in the sky
The full story of the game is the following: after birth, our main character falls in love with the perfect water flower, an evil beetle captures him, after that he succeeds in fleeing, happening again and the game ends.

Nor, almost all characters are unattractive, with no traits that would make them more striking. Fifty note the power ballads from the late eighties, which has an immediate impact on the atmosphere. The Ephemerid A Musical Adventure sensitivity is not in the style of classic Hollywood animated film, but is much more “epic-sublime”. If you like this atmosphere and songs, you may find it nice to play.

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