EVE Valkyrie gets co-op mode in PlayStation

update for EVE Valkyrie: Joint Strike
EVE Valkyrie is sci-fi dogfighter and Oculus Rift debutante, will receive update is set to go live today named: Joint Strike.

Playstation VR launch on October 13 2016, Joint Strike sets rift players, support with their console cousins, and sees a range of new features introduced to the space flung shooter. Headlining this free patch is cross-platform support. This means that, when you get Valkyrie on PS4, you’ll be able to take on PC players inside their oculus Rifts. Later on in the year you should also be able to face HTC players.

By this point, if you’re reading this site, you’re probably well aware of what EVE: Valkyrie is. Heck, you might well already be a decorated pilot in the Oculus Rift version of CCP Games flagship VR title. Multiplayer dog-fighter currently has to offer theres going to be a lot of reasons to jump back into it when the PlayStation VR version arrives on PlayStation 4.

Joint Strike is not only a reference to cross platform gaming, new co-op mode in which you can invite friends to fight off waves of AI enemies. Here you’ll be able to invite friends to your Squad, or simply use matchmaking to create a team and do battle against a team of AI balanced to compliment the skills of your own team.

Customization options for ships and many other tweaks and fixes to improve your experience. If you’re looking for some multiplayer action when you pick up your PS VR.

There are new single player recall missions added into the chronicles HUB. They reveal more backstory on the events and characters in the Valkyrie timeline, and also give players a chance to hone their skills in a range of mechanics and features that will be experienced in live combat.

PlayStation launch trailer.

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