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review for pc, ps4 and xbox one
Fallout 4 has introduced crafting that comes down to the fashion of weapons, armor and the construction of residential areas. Fallout 4 begins shortly before the atomic strike in the United States. In order to put your basic quest in the game in a powerful emotional context, it will introduce you, combining tutorials and linear narration, to show the fate of a family that manages to evacuate to the vault and survive bombs only to become a double victim.

Scientists-kidnappers who put them in cryo hybrids for experimentation; second, the kidnappers who defied the main hero and murdered their spouse, kidnapped the child and left him half-naked looking at how his life was falling apart. The gameplay is waiting for you to survive and discover the vast colored world of the Northeast.
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The form of the game is identical to the two previous sequences and their nine DLC packages, and the freedom of bashing and research is almost unlimited. The Commons is crowded with people, events and situations. You will be involved with supermutants and ghouls, busty stimpackers, eat Yum-yum deviled eggs and drink nukes in several different flavors. Fallout 4 is designed exclusively for next generation hardware: PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The graphic is clearly more beautiful, the gameplay is rich as the previous sequences.

The progression system by levels has been altered and realistically simplified in comparison to the previous games because all physical characteristics are combined on a single screen (perk chart) in which each property or bonus is derived from points invested in individual S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attributes. Clear, clear and transparent. As for the fight, everything remained more or less the same as in New Vegas, except that V.A.T.S. Now slows down, and does not freeze the action.
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Sorting items in inventory with each player spent a lot of time. The interface is not enriched by any single enhancement, but it still represents densely loaded text segments sorted into twenty sections that are regularly linked to arrays. Navigating between the map and the inventory, the operation you will take every few minutes, requires you to first activate the Pip-boy, wait for the second hand to raise and start the animation, then exit the map menu, go to the inventory, select its subsection And then you can choose the item you need.

The only improvement in the interface is the interaction with the objects in the environment, it is no longer necessary to open the cabinets, refrigerators and other containers that are not locked to see what’s inside, to pick up the content, but the operation is done by pointing the cursor over the object and clicking. The mod system is very detailed and allows you to customize the equipment by changing key attributes, adding different nicks, changing the caliber and many other options.
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Designers have achieved a lot of hits, designing settlements, building houses and equipping them, setting up defense and food installations is an even more ambitious system that helps you to leave a more personal stamp on the game. The design of weapons and armor is done in a simple and comfortable way, the interface for building or setting up objects in the environment is bad.

The system requires that you set a good angle for matching and aligning objects because the segment you are laying hovers in front of you, monitors your movement and rotation of the body and waits to click to lie on the desired surface. Let’s say you want to set up a prefabricated section of a house that consists of two walls, passages, paths and roofs so that you can add five more similar segments to it.
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First, you need to find a vast building site, when you build exterior walls and roofs, you have to equip it with beds and furniture for lifting morale. You will not be able to settle the furniture easily because of the rooms you are small, but you will set them upside down. The settlement system does not work on a schematic design plan in the Prison Architect style that would allow you to be precise in order to build it easier and faster.

Fallout 4 is full of smaller giants, which vary from overlapping 3D objects in the environment, the entry of the NPC into the wall, game breaking bugs that make it impossible to complete key quests. Such ambitious games with millions of variables can not be tested in laboratory conditions. Here you can get Fallout 4 Steam Key if you complete the survey!

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