Feist Game Download PC

feist game free download

Feist Game Download PC

Feist does not spend much time on the story nor explains your motive to get to the right edge of the screen. Moreover, everything is told without any written and spoken words. Your character and another member of his race kidnapped giant fur trolls.

Somehow you manage to escape from a wooden cage and your only goal is to save your fellow countrymen from any fate they have devoted to monsters. This is not clear to you at any time, except in the last chapter, but you will have more than enough reason to run through the dark areas.
feist free download
Wildlife and caves are sprinkled with an aggressive fauna that will try to eat you / the spit / splint as soon as you see it. Improvised weapons exist in the form of stones and rods that you can pick up and shoot your opponent with. The rods, however, have a short lifespan and shoot after one to two strokes.

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Physics is a very important factor in the game and numerous objects are subject to its laws as well, and, of course, your character whose speed changes depending on the terrain. Unfortunately, physics is often out of order, so it may be that, through a strange climax of circumstances, you skip the section you were supposed to gradually go through.
feist download pc game
There are not many logical problems, but some are completely vague and even deviate from the rules that the game itself has set itself. The fist player puts in difficult situations where running and outcasting of the opponent is usually a better solution than a direct conflict.

Opponents are extremely aggressive and certain types will hurry you as long as you do not kill. The weight of the game very quickly escalates with the appearance of the caterpillars that emerge from the ground and shoot the spikes. Their appearance is totally unpredictable, and they have an unrealistically enormous range and will happen even if you move more than one screen.
feist pc download free
However, you can use the stubbornness of your opponent for your own advantage and make timely jumps and good positioning to kill each other. This is especially true in the case of Troll Bosses who, as unstoppable locomotives, grab your character and virtually instant kill all the organic things they find in the way.

It is impossible to know how much life left in your face, the lack of a health system. Feist game has a very vivid background above the dark landscapes. Feist lasts only two to three hours, so it’s not particularly worthwhile to buy.

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