Free on Origin Syberia 2 Available for a limited time

Available free a limited time

Free on Origin Syberia 2 Available for a limited time

Syberia II is the sequel to one of the best received and best-selling adventure of all time waiting with particular interest from at least three reasons. First, Syberia, as hardly any adventure before it, managed to interest a wide circle of players and gain the sympathy of even those who traditionally wave their hands on all the games.

Screenplay written by Frenchman Benoit Sokal, who exudes such metaphorical universality that people wanted not wanted, in the process of identifying with the heroes recognize personal life dilemmas and disappointments, despite the clearly expressed elements of fiction that are seemingly dominate the story.
searched Eastern and Western Europe
Syberia II begins right where the first game ends, if the first part was melancholic stories about for the personal transformation of one ruthless New York lawyer in person full of understanding and compassion, it is a continuation of the story of her boundless heroism, a real “road movie” in which her companions Hans and Oskar, constantly get into trouble, and she persistently bring out of them, without asking for the price.

From the railway station in Romansburgu, to the shores of the mythical island mammoth, Kate Archer will be forced to do things that until recently could not imagine: that the fraud came to the monastery to escape from him in a coffin, to face the wicked grizzly bear to parachute jumps that faith with icy cliffs, and even to fight against the two thugs, the brothers Igor and Ivana, who will, for personal gain do all that Hans whizzing.
for a missing heir
Syberia II is in every way more difficult than the first part, although, the way it is, and still not be ranked in order of heavy representatives of the genre. However, the possibility of a jam here becomes a reality, especially as the authors stress put on the logical problems, what usually characterized Mystolike adventure, rather than the classic one, that are based on the manipulation of objects from the inventory.

Fortunately, the puzzles in the game, no matter which type you belong, perfectly fit into the environment in which they are located and, with the exception of one that solves the unpopular method probe, asking players to apply common sense or to find clues which clearly point to the solution .
Kate Walker storyline
Syberia II is definitely the most beautiful game of this type that has emerged to date. Although the graphics engine suffered minimal changes, the resolution remained locked in a modest 800 x 600, its appearance represents a blessing for the sense of sight.
The level of detail with which it is done is astonishing.

Key qualitative differences from the first part are reflected in the increased number of animations that are incorporated into the static locations: Syberia II snow almost constantly branches, layers falling from the roofs and treetops, a bird in the spring persistent search for shelter…
test the players skill throughout the game
Syberia II is slightly worse adventures of the first part, facing more hard-core adventurers and less wide popular mass, however, in spite of it all, she is a true gem of the genre which most similar games is not up to the knees. Syberia II, viewed as a whole, represents a triumph of beauty and sublimity, something other computer games can only dream. “SYBERIA and its creator have entered into history”.

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