Full Spectrum Warrior Ten Hammers Download

Ten Hammers is the direct successor

Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers Download

FSW: Ten Hammers is the direct successor to its predecessor Full Spectrum Warrior. The story begins in war-torn Zakistan, fictional country in the Middle East which is occupied by a contingent of UN peacekeepers led by the US Marine Corps. Not pacified actions your combat divisions in the previous game.

Moreover, the conflict has escalated to line the northern and southern parts of the country. Exacerbated ethnic differences between people. Any parallels with the Iraqi Shiites and Sunnis, of course, unintentional though the authors of the game is still a bit too run the concept of forced political correctness, the design Ten Hammers competent they let up halter.
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This is still a game where you do not mention the names of countries and types of religion, but all other details are shown in detail. Pandemic Studios has invoked the general legality know that people swear and curse until their heads around whistling bullets and shrapnel, and it is fully incorporated into in-squad Cheeter in any combat situation.

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Your commandos will now in any combat situation use the F-word, and it will have a perfect sense in the context of the situation in which they are located. A list of improvements brought by the inter-continuation Ten Hammer really is impressive. Yes there are a little more peace of mind to be able to declare the game official extension.

A four combat units now can be divided into two-member group and so effectively distribute the people in certain situations (for example, when with a group of machine gun cover two directions). It is now possible to enter the building (only in certain locations) and opponents shoot from above.
combat units now can be divided into two-member group
Each of your soldiers specialist now can do individually firing, which to some extent you control (M-16 firing grenades or sniper shot), where you will have a short zoom to the finish line and a second time for firing shots. The game was added to the support of armored vehicles, one of the vehicles and the popular Bradley transporter.

Control of the vehicle is completely the same as the control of Marines (gets its special squad, charlie, delta, etc.). At certain points the opponents have “safe houses” from which will continually creep up reinforcements if they do not destroy the grenade. This means that in a good number of situations you will not have time to slowly maneuver plan of encirclement (because you will run out of ammunition), but you, as well as in real war, have to plan maneuvers to fly.
game was added to the support of armored vehicles
Best of all operating changes in the field of artificial intelligence opponents, the enemy will now dynamically change the behavior depending on the situation, remove the shell and change the cover when the old destroyed your firearm or grenade. Playing Ten Hammers, we saw that the opponents have really much more intelligent and more difficult to defeat.

Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers is judging everything by now seen to be much tougher than its predecessor, is reserved exclusively for hardcore gamers, who predecessors run at his fingertips.

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