Get started WWE 2K16 My Career Mode

lets play career node

Get started WWE 2K16 My Career Mode

Build your strength, select move set and lead superstars.

The player has the ability to build itself into MyCareer, become the ultimate warrior. WWE 2K16 comes with over 100 different stars, which marked a major success. The first thing that needs to be done, assign attributes to his character, this can mean victory or defeat, it is difficult to say which attributes are the best, it all depends on the style of the players practiced.

The menu is equally represented defense and attack, which suits my style of game but it does not have to be the rule and for the other players. Everyone has to find out for yourself who attributes his best match while playing. The attack is crucial but also should not forget that it is not without defense can very easily lose.

During the game, you can determine which strategy works best for you, give it to attack or defense … but do not worry about it too much it will take care of itself and on the basis that it is best to assign attributes. When finally fix its own style aggressive or defensive, then your wrestler can go into serious victory and winning the throne.

attributes guide how to add learn to play career mode

See the video here we have tried to explain and demonstrate all the most important of defense and attack to the division of attributes. I hope you like it and you may learn something new.

To be sure not too much to write here, see WWE 2K16 My Career.

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I hope you enjoyed the video, if you have a compliment, suggestion or criticism, write us in the comments.

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