Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City

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Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City (DLC) brings forty hours of raw materials constructed with the same or greater attention than the original. Improvements in relation to Nick’s adventure are reduced to a redesigned model driving engine and its behavior on the road.

Given the theme of which is the leitmotif of life and work biker gang, the old model of driving two-wheelers with whom you fell on the nose by the mere view of the bank’s simply not be acceptable. Engines are dramatically more resistant to scratching with traffic passing by and blows to the objects in the environment.
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New weapon (grenade launcher, automatic gun…), new types of optional missions (gang wars) and several fresh game-play fora such as driving in gang formation, that you lie down and improves engine between Fights, pale in comparison with what is really matters. Shaped through an epic fable about the conflict of generations, urban ethos renegade motorcycle.

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Grand Theft Auto the epicenter of the lost and damned pulsating generation-philosophical antagonism between the old leaders whose ambitions reduced to violence, drinking and orgies, and young Johnny, his deputy, the band wants to put under the radar and above fruitless conflict with the police and rivals, placing it to gauge the economic prosperity that brings crime without victims and explosions.

The Ballad of Gay Tony puts the concept of a complex characterization of the conflict of generations to a higher step. Luis Lopez and Toni Prince, business partners and co-owners of several nightclubs, do not represent antagonistic poles such as Johnny and Bill. Their conflict, it is forced cooperation, there are many more subtle prefix.
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Poor business moves, borrowing from the mafia and business downfall coming as a result of Tony’s depressive pseudonihilizma give Luis, it is you as his alter-ego, the opportunity to define their own role in the brutal milieu of Liberty City.

Liberty City is a strong social satire packed in easily digestible form of action sandbox game that has quad and its DLC expansions in intensity and quality of the messages reached and surpassed traditional forms of films and TV series, is a phenomenon that the mainstream media have not yet been realized.

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Rockstar North, further contributing to the controversy by pushing a finger into the eye of the media in a rather rebellious way, with scenes of explicit sex and least censored Fellatio!

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