Grim Dawn Review

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Grim Dawn is in the best of a mix of the best hack & slash achievements, the atmosphere and the general visual impression that could be trickled like Titan Quest, with cartoonish opponents, like those from torchlight.

The story’s developing with the clash of two more forces was transferred to a once powerful human empire Cairn. One of them found a way to use the human race as a resource. The second force fighting the first for just known reasons, wants to prevent it from harvesting precious resources by destroying it.
Fight with the mutant
The main protagonist is the antihero, the convict to the death in the last seconds of his life, while his stiff neck has decided to spare him. What he overcame him is not going to help in trying to re-socialize, as the team from the end will still be watching. To get rid of the scum, it will have to prove and contribute to the community.

Six classes are available and primary selection is made after the first progress through the Level up system, selecting a secondary class at the top of the twelfth level. Then the player will be able to select an additional class and take the character in some other direction. All combinations, even those incompatible, are possible, for example Battlemage, hybrid tank units and spell caster.
Map of the world
There is no division by class of weapons, so that all can equally use ranged weapons and thus expand the spectrum of tactics. There is also an optional fine tuning system called Devotion! The points used for promotion in this field are not gained by experience, but through the activation of certain shrine that are scattered by the map.

In order to activate the sanctuary, the player will have to either find and place a certain type of crystal or go into battle with the guardians of the sanctuary, which are usually very nasty creatures and many of them. After activating the shrine, the player will have only one point to be able to spend on one of the stars in the sky. Each of them gives you a certain bonus, and they are more likely to require that a certain match is triggered first.
Inventory and leveling
Various jewels and other boozers can be squeezed into almost every piece of equipment, and there is crafting of things by the recipes you will encounter. The loot system is so overwhelming that you will almost always encounter something. Fortunately, there is a filter that allows you to specify the class of things that will be displayed, so it is possible to completely unpublish ordinary things and focus on better quality.

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Money, or hammered parrots that are basic currency in the game, as well as regeneration tips for health and defects are automatically picked when their likeness is approached. The incidence of non-linearity is present but is not equally well implemented everywhere. From the choices that the player chooses to depend on and the experience gained and the choice of equipment he will be able to buy at local retailers.
The choice of skil on the tree of knowledge
From a technical point of view, it is worth the praise of an admirable and primordial dark graphics, the hardware requirement is minimal, Grim Dawn works on any PC. Grim Dawn has dropped completely okay, misses and no bails.

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