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Grow Home is a prelude game, of a kind that is painfully lacking in all the people who just want to have fun, with no cisterns and nerve jumps. Your job is to help the BUD (Botanical Utility Droid), a fun-loving robotic-bounty that is happily clutched in the mission of rescuing her planet’s birth, by treating the vast plant growing on the other planet.

The challenge is not easy, because in order to reach the required amount of fruit, the plant must be properly branched and it is expected that BUD will actively participate in its development. Although there are certain situations requiring classical running and jumping that feature a single platform, BUD will spend most of the time hooked up to the plant tree because one of the goals is to climb to the highest point.
tele-porter map
In addition to the “hiking” itself, another key mechanic is the “opening” of buds that instantly expand and open a new path as well as previously inaccessible decks. For faster transport from one part of the plant to another, you can set up a new branch where you will experience a dizzying ride like a slum of the slope.

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Another aspect of the transport system is telecommunications routers that enable the Wi-Fi network to “aploud” to the next unlocked router of choice. BUD can hunt and pick up flowers when it comes to horticulture, which will serve as a parachute in moments when it loses its base, but their petals quickly drop due to the action of the glass and are quickly consumed.
this simple narrow
When it happens to kiss a patos, it will not lose its life because there is no death in this game. Giant leaflets and festoons of all colors and sizes will serve as a springboard, and countless crystals scattered across the board bring a variety of improvements such as camera zoom control!

The blend of seemingly-pleasing graphics that reminds of Kremond’s The Sentinel, decorated with overwhelming colourways and light electronic music with unmatched ambience, makes Grow Home’s every turn transform into relaxation therapy.
use teleporter
The whole game is relaxed, but it is enough to take a second of negligence to fall into the abyss, followed by climbing again with the stem to make sure you do not return to the place where you fall, since the mentioned telescopic routers have little.

Grow Home still deserves a high rating because there is certainly no need to remind you how original the idea is, in the contemporary headlines. Reflections guys have created a piece that is ideal for relaxation, casual playing without load, it is difficult to separate from a small robot until you achieve a noble goal.

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