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Guild Wars 2: The Heart of Thorns is the first expansion pack for Guild Wars 2, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. PvE has been expanded with four new large maps, these zones are in the jungle, requiring movement at several vertical levels. Because of this, players can now glider equipment and for the first time in the Guild Wars world experience free flight.

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Since the development team has remained at the idea that the eighties are the last level your characters can achieve, further advancement is presented through a mastering system of new skills that, in addition to gliding, include mushroom jumping to reach higher platforms, resistance to poison and Other. Accessing the good of content that new folders offer is impossible without them.
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Heart of Thorns is better than vanilla Guild Wars 2. Guild Hall, a concept that exists in the GW universe since the first expansion of the original and which has unexplainedly failed below it is finally back with us, but considerably enlarged. Hall can now be promoted to various buildings that give different bonuses and items.
The space provided for the hall is enormous, which opens up a range of possibilities. The dungeons for five-member teams have been raided for ten people. The raids are cruel and require an enthusiastic team whose members know their role in the darkness.
new maps
Heart of Thorns is somewhat corrected by the elite specialties that give existing professions new skills (they can be combined with the old ones) and weapons, but annoy the fact that specializations are not automatically available, but require a long-term accumulation of hero points in almost all maps. A guardian can advance to a dragonhunter, gaining access to a longbow and powerful trap skills, the selfish ranger takes his stick into his hands and becomes a druid with superior heal capabilities.

The same weapon can now be used by the thief with a specialty specialization, a necromancer assigned to bigsword and multimilion chill attacks, making each meeting with class representatives in PvP and WvW modes very, very painful. As a whole new class there is a revenger. Herald, an elite specialization for this profession, has excellent support capabilities that give practically constant buffs for both the revolutionary and the players in the immediate vicinity.
masive battle
A major change in the combat system is the introduction of a break bar scale for individual opponents and almost all of the bosses and it is abolished by the use of crowd control attacks. The snow-capped maps that we played for three years and which were already a little skiing, but also adapted for our hearts, were replaced by a new, desert environment. Desert borderlands map, and if visually very attractive, it represents a night sea for navigation because it is several times larger than the old and, like PvE maps, but less pronounced, displaced on several vertical levels.

WvW with this map has turned into a boring marathon, endless running from point A to point B (provided you do not get lost by the way, which is more than likely), and rarely happens when you actually encounter an opponent, that little disgruntled player who They did not give up WvW, they mostly concentrated on the eternal battlegrounds, a map that remained unchanged.
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Structured PvP has experienced the least change with a stronghold, a single new arena that implements certain WvW elements, with the ability to recruit special NPC heroes. Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns provides a solid amount of content that, unfortunately, is locked behind artificially placed obstacles, which from the perspective of the casual part of the audience does not have to be a bad thing, because players who see MMO as casual entertainment and who do not mind a few hours Grind will take several months a week.

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