Hammer and Sickle Game Review

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Hammer and Sickle Game Review

Hammer and Sickle is the official sequel “Silent Storm” one of the better squad-based strategy (turn based) in the current decade. Hammer & Sickle brings the same phenomenal tactical 3D module, with completely redesigned spurts system.

Mission structure is not linear but is a combination of multiple paths story-line and different ways to solve one task. The plot of the game seems pretty intriguing. Start the Cold War in Europe in 1949 caused the formation of the spy network of the winning superpower and intelligence confrontation low intensity.

The interests of the Soviet Union and Western allies have become increasingly less compatible and further seething situation contributes to the emergence of super secret organization that aims to balance power completely moved out of balance and initiates a third world war.
choose weapons and other items for soldiers
Assuming the role of Soviet intelligence captain, you will have to capture all of the strings of this deeply infiltrated the conspiracy and prevent new global conflicts. Exploring the allied area of ​​responsibility within the occupied Germany, collector pieces dark puzzle, using the help of agents that will recruit along the way.

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Hammer and Sickle resembles the system used in “Jagged Alliance 2” with comparatively lesser degree of freedom, but a greater focus on the mission. This concept is a qualitative leap in relation to the mission pack of SS (which is the basic pitch upgrade commodity-money-management elements).

It’s nice to see this kind of evolution of a franchise that each new extension brings the one fundamentally improving the basic concepts of the game. On the technical side there are no visible improvements, although for a radical revision of the 3D engine does not need excessive.
play hammer & sickle gameplay
Full deformability facilities and environment and skeletal animation characters remain the trade mark of the series, and the game is great and coping with stealt mechanics in which the sickle and hammer thrown drastically greater emphasis. Than in previous installments.

Dialogues during gameplay act superprofesionalno given that it is a game rigged in Russia and subsequently localized in English, without the usual literary banality of suffering games from this hemisphere. We can say that this is successfully realization of Russian programmers, Hammer & Sickle is certainly a title that is worth a try, the quality is at the level of in every way.

This is a title that will have a good time, take hours of great entertainment guarantee you will not regret it for a moment.

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