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Helldivers has a lot to offer, the game is basically a twin-stick shooter with an isometric view of the action, relies on a cooperative gaming of up to four players. Gameplay takes place in the distant future, our home Earth slowly loses its resources. The ultra-government has set up elite units of soldiers to control resources on neighboring alien worlds, and bring them home, for the benefit of mankind.

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Instruction step by step

The player has the task of spreading democracy across the galaxy on a huge map from which you choose one of the three alien systems and one of the planets in which you will perform a number of tasks and thus contribute to the global campaign in which players participate on all platforms.

Planets, maps, and tasks are generated each time within the limits of one of the 12 levels of difficulty and vary from destruction of the plant to the occupation of the territory. The missions end up calling a ship from orbit and often with the epic final bumper with the opponent’s horde. For the duration of each campaign, there will be emergency situations almost every day and special missions in which you will be able to win more experience.
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Campaigns are reset each time you clean all three systems with collective effort. Helldivers are often a brutal game, you can stop and open a mini map at any time to discover the enemy patrols by the radar, eliminate the scouts, and prevent the general alarm and alienation of the aliens. You are also armed to your teeth and always have the so-called stratagems, reinforcements that you call from your mother ship.

The enhancements you get can be turrets that automatically shoot at aliens, ammunition packages, mini atomic bombs, or mechs equipped with flame throwers. You will permanently unlock the equipment and each piece will be usable, so there will be a syndrome from modern shoots where initial weapons can not be compared to higher level equipment.
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The maps often contain extra-terrestrial vegetation samples, collecting points for exploring the reinforcement of weapons, perks or the aforementioned stratagems. Game difficulty comes from the way most actions are performed, in addition to a large number of alien types for which you will need to have a variety of equipment and occasionally skip the ingame encyclopedia.

To open the map, you have to stand completely calm and open for enemy fire, if necessary, for example, to clear the minefield you will have to walk very easily in the indicated zone without weapons, and entering codes on terminals temporarily takes control of the player.
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Among the most intriguing is the calling of the stratagems you are guessing doing while standing still and typing one of the indicated combination of the directional keys. If you miss only one, you lose a radio connection with the mother ship for a few moments and you have to repeat the whole sequence after which you choose a place where the ordered item will fall.

A large part of the game is about calling the mother ship so it’s advisable to get a quick reading of these combinations because, among other things, they are returning to the victims in battle. Landscapes on the planets are full of detail and there is a large number of their variations, the effects of falling equipment from the orbit are awe-inspiring, and nothing less enthusiasm for animation.
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The audio background raises the atmosphere to unexpected proportions, with a theme that culminates when waiting for the evac-ship and the patriotic daring of your character that will be engraved in memory. The control scheme is perfectly resolved, without the need to change the schedule of the command, and equally well you will kill aliens on the keyboard and mouse as well as on the controller.

The PC edition also comes with all the mini-extensions that have been charged to console players so far. Helldivers must be in the collection – if you have at least one person with whom you would play cooperatively, solo playing is not nearly as interesting as playing with at least one other person. Helldivers look and work remarkably!

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