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Her Story is one of the best FMV games, an unusual game. In Her Story, you do not watch the items on the screen, nor test the innumerable suspects who point out that they are not completely honest. Namely, the whole game is running for a PC connected to the police database.

This kind of Inception puts you in the role of an unnamed person investigating a murder case in the mid-1990s. There are a total of seven interviews with Miss, who were the main suspects, but the footage was captured in a hundred short clips that need to be accessed and thus link the story to a coherent whole.
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The game is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The virtual operating system of the computer where our hero (or heroine) is located is quite archaic, so it only shows you the first five clips as a search result. The base is not neat but in total hao, and the only way to access its contents is through the search engine in the main window.

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The system works like most web browsers, meaning that you can enter more words or terms underneath the quotes if you are looking for exactly that order in the sentence. Every spoken word in video files is indexed and based on that system searches a huge database. You can also add your own tags to clips, so you can easily organize them or insert them into a favorite favorites list from which you can easily access them.
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Viva Seifert’s main actress in Her Story has played so well with her role that occasionally you will not be sure if it’s what you’re watching or acting real-world. Unlike, say, LA Noire, where you are indicating whether someone is trying to agree or hide the information you have received from virtual characters, Her Story is a real person who plays a particular role for you in that role.

The gameplay story is no less interesting and each clip will drag you to further explore the history of this fictitious person with a large number of details and small crafts. You will want to return to the watch just before watching the revelation, although in later phases it also helps to find out if the earlier statements are completely honest.
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The game’s specificity is that it does not have a classic ending. Ending the moment you want it, meaning you do not have to find any footage if you think you understand the whole story. Simply, the end and stream of stories are just what you experience them. A completely nonlinear form allows each player to pass through the game in a different way, yet connecting some continuity of events and stories.

It is not easy to get all the information. As you progress, it will be harder to find the clips and terms that you have not already looked at or investigated. We recommend that you have something to do with all the concepts that matter to you, because it is very easy to lose the thread and to be executed in the structure of the game, which requires virtually extinct instinctivity during the investigation.

Her Story is an unusual game, great refreshment to play the title that shakes the cheek, a bit forgotten, the narrative format.

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