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The Gearbox has shown that it is possible to return the old glow to the old one. The remastered versions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2, with embroidered graphics and interface, have proven that ancient originals did not lose any molecules of attractiveness, despite the fact that the taste of the gaming audience suffered fifteen years of turbulent evolution.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak was conceived as a prologue to everything that later happened in the Homeworld series, the gameplay is based on the discovery of an artifact in a deep desert, which proved to the Kushan and the divided Kushan that Kharak is not their mother planet, but that the roots of their people should be sought in the distance to the universe.
homeworld deserts of kharak first look
A search for anomaly detected by orbit is led by S’Jet, a representative of the civilized north coalition, while the religious fanatics of the desert, Gaalsien, want to prevent swarming by sacred relics from usurpers who do not respect tradition and plot a journey into space, an act strictly forbidden by religion.

Deserts of Kharak succeeds in replacing the third dimension with terrain unevenness, which gives battles a tactical layer that the universe can not provide. The campaign consists of thirteen massive missions. Mothership, a gigantic desert carrier / plant represents the heart of the system, resources must be collected to build armed units and combat rules that give each unit counterbalance in another.
homeworld review deserts of kharak
Mothership is no longer helpless as in the previous sequel, it can be defended from a rather powerful enemy attack. Manipulation of its systems through the distribution of energy on shields, repairs, defense systems and observation helps the carrier flexibility, which can be maneuvered and used as a powerful defense installation in a strategic position.

Each RTS has a campaign in which new units are progressively unlocked by advancement in missions, which is the case here. The arsenal gradation begins with light vehicles, continues with heavier and specialized armored vehicles, and you quickly get the chance to produce assault bombers.
first mission
Bombers stand in hangars and are waiting for you to define their target, after which the process of takeoff, flight to destination, rocket / bombing and return to the carrier for the repair and refueling of ammunition begins. Bombers are more destructive than land units but are also more vulnerable.

Al is not particularly intelligent, but the massive and aggressive character of his forces masked the fact that it is pretty rudimentary, the missions are not particularly difficult, they are rich in many scripted sequences. Between you are awaiting superbly made movie sequences, the graphics are really first-class in every way, with the hardware complexity that is quite reasonable.
3D terrain provides tactical opportunities
When you complete the campaign, as options, you remain multiplayer and skirmish. Unfortunately, Multiplayer is not conceived as a primary activity, as evidenced by the minimum number of maps and modes that can be played. Also, the units of the welded sides are not sufficiently different to keep the multiplayer dynamics at a level that keeps the attention for longer. Take the opportunity and get steam key here!

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