Hot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore a Fedora

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Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore a Fedora is a lovely Metroidvania and a witty one with a five-wheeled Noir, this is a game of contradiction, for each of its great aspects, there is one element that is not so good. The player is in the role of a private detective Emma Jones, who lives in a parallel universe inhabited by anthropomorphic cats and rats. One of these cats is the other main character, Emma’s partner Franky.

The two of them deal with crimes around the city, where you move freely. The style with which the dialects are written is excellent, plays with each sentence successfully evokes the old good Noir of the story and at the same time reverts them and gives them honor, the authors are pretending to play the comedy in the game.
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The Hot Tin Roof is filled with an incredible number of replicas, which quickly leads to monotony. Grim Fandango is a good example of how it should look, a game that has made an excellent balance between the humorous and poetic atmosphere.

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By contrast, the Hot Tin Roof is just a parody, and dialogs are interrupted after each other, which forces you to run them again and go through the dialog tree through which you have already passed to hear new details.
This is a metroidvania where there is no action, but you just solve simple puzzles and skip around. Overcome problems with a revolver that fills various types of ammunition. For example, one type of ammunition destroys obstacles, others reveal hidden things, and so on.
one type of ammunition destroys obstacles
Additionally, during the game, you collect the clues you use during conversations with numerous characters and you are thus solving some kind of narrative puzzles. This kind of mechanics is quite entertaining, metroidvania lovers are introduced to the joy of exploration and the gradual detection of the sacred game, and the use of traces makes you watch the story closely and makes you really feel like a detective.

A big problem is the lack of a map, which is why you spend a lot of time wandering around the city and wondering how to get to a certain location. Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore a Fedora is very nice and at times a pretty fun game, a title that certainly will not become a classic but you can not hate it at the same time.

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