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Continuing on the epilogue of the previous game, Hotline Miami 2 is an account of Jacket’s actions. The guy ended up in a lifelong bondage, writing a book about him and shooting the movie, but a much darker event. A group of disrupted fans, inspired by the massacres, carries animal masks and death in the city, directly hitting the Russian mafia.

Underground organization 50 blessings is getting stronger and by telephone messages commands people to execute crimes, break up in police, mafia wars around the city … The scenario is far more ambitious, darker and abounds in the unbelievable amount of details and callbacks.
Hotline Miami 2 gameplay
You see the story from the perspective of a large number of characters (more than ten!), With constant jumps between three time periods. Everything is additionally spiced up with the hallucinations of characters, dreams and memories of past events.

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Gameplay is known from the first game without any experimentation and without the need for additional learning. There are fewer animal masks, which are complemented by the aforementioned diverse characters that you run and a general focus on the story.
Deadly call
Flashback levels in Hawaii allow you to pick one of the available arsenal of firearms before you begin, and then you can not go to the end of the mission. Fans have the most dramatic differences in the style of playing so you can play without weapons, but with deadly fights, start level with two automatic rifles or even lead two characters at the same time.

The last option of keeping the brothers is the most interesting because it provides a large number of options for passing levels. Except in the gameplay domain, HM2 offers more in the domain level (almost thirty) and therefore longer, so it takes 8-10 hours for the first pass. Many levels are also bigger, which is good.
Fighting with shooting freaks
You get practical firearms at the very beginning and it is clear that the authors wanted to put the emphasis on its use. All this becomes even harder in Hard mode, the extra weight of the game you unlock once you run the campaign. Neither before the player sets up more opponents and better arming them, Hard mode all levels turn upside down, ie 180 degrees, allegedly to reduce the ability to learn all the games.

The hypnotic soundtrack abounds with an even greater amount of synthpop and electro house numbers, unbelievably pumping adrenaline and throwing it into a kind of trans. The graphic style is virtually unchanged, with tiny changes such as less camera shaking and easier sighted missiles.
Arrested criminal
Play Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and because of the unusually complex story and breakout of a jerky bitch when all the dice are in place, even though the way the story is being dropped is pretentious.

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