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Jotun is a research game with a prominent action component with beautiful graphics. The levels are not particularly fulfilled and there is a lot of empty walking when you just move from point A to point B without anything to do on that trip or that would attract you attention. Even when there is something you need to do, it’s generally not particularly interesting and also comes down to space navigation.
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in one level you need to reach a certain place, and there are several roads ahead of you. If you choose the wrong road, you are returning from where you went and you have to walk to the intersection again. If you choose the right, the next intersection is waiting for you, etc.

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To make matters worse, if you die (mainly because after a few minutes of walking you became scattered and careless), you return to the checkpoint and again follow you on the same trip. The same happens when you exit the game, when it is restarted, the game returns you to the hub from which you access the levels.
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The combat system is very simple and requires a lot of use of the left mouse button, occasionally using a stronger but slower attack. Simplicity is also contributed by enemies, which are generally extremely fragile and one blow is enough to defeat them.
Fighting with Boss is the best part of the gameplay, it’s generally clear what you need to do, you just need to be patient and precise. It’s fair and everything depends on your ability and concentration, fighting with them is fun.

The graphics are of top quality, especially when the Gargantuan boss portrays the impression of a deviated, morbid evil. Also, the game occasionally honors the magnificent scenes, when the camera is pulled out and you allow you to enjoy the impressive frame. Unfortunately, according to the rest of the game, this aspect only occasionally shines, and the rest of the time is moving through graphically monotonous areas.
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Jotun story is simple and it seems that a lot of effort has not been invested in it, since the youth consists only of name-dropping names and concepts from Nordic mythology, with the occasional narrative of heroine Torah, which tells how the jealousy of her brother got into trouble. A little more thematic universality and polishing of mechanics, and Jotun would be a much better game.

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