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Just Cause 3 is designed in the form of a completely open world that will release you from a local tyrant and its military machinery, filling the main missions that take place in the aforementioned, thin storyline, with the whole avalanche of side-by-side and optional activities and content that are there to entertain, delight or annoy.

The third continuation leads us to the fictitious archipelago of Medici, located somewhere in the Mediterranean belt. Tropical rainforests and the Caribbean beaches have now given way to a recognizable, Greek-Italian rocky valley, valleys and valleys that sweep the fields of sunflower and olive trees, mediterranean ports, small towns, monasteries and other settlements that are on the tops of inaccessible rocks.
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Although he is not the fatherland of our protagonist, the place where Riko spent his childhood and where he had to flee with the remains of his family after the coup, the country’s government took over the military junta of the soon-to-be dead dictator Sebastian de Ravel. The action that adorns Rikov’s destructive odyssey of overthrowing the oppressive hand of power is spectacular and equally stretches over land, the sea and the air of Medici.

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Every imaginable and unimaginable action, no matter how absurdly it is, is there again, improved and redesigned, with a bunch of new and creative moments. A wide choice of means of transport is understood as coming in the form of helicopters, planes, various ships, cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles characteristic for the area covered by the game. All vehicles require some exercise.
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It seems that the management of land vehicles is deliberately difficult to use as the primary means of movement through the game the main highlights of the series – the combination of the hook with the cable and parachute. This combo again makes playing and cruising the field with a pleasant and fluid experience, with the ability to cling to something at all times, or use the terrain elements for additional boost, to be thrown away.

Additional activities involve various challenges that bring bonus points, which unlock various apps for equipment and weapons, which you subsequently activate or turn off at will. The quality of the graphic display of all this is expected to be high, with a lot of nice coloring that simply vibrates from the screen, and it seems that something interesting happens on the screen, even when it does not. The terrain is very spacious, with a convincing width and architecture that is scattered around them, and the novelty is vertical expansion, in the form of high angles that you can ride, whether it’s mountain peaks, buildings, or other artificial elements.
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Just Cause 3 features unexpectedly high hardware complexity and non-optimization, especially when compared to Mad Max from the same studio. All this comes at a surprisingly high hardware price, not because of the quality of the graphics itself. Just Cause 3 is clearly a scheduled, regular fix for all your needs for a delicious and spectacular action, and as such it is overly entertaining. Here you can download the previous sequel Just Cause 2.

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