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Kerbal Space Program is a unique and absolutely beautiful game, a complex, intelligent and visually caricated simulator of the construction and logistics aspects of the space program. The gameplay of the game lies in the fact that, instead of the Americans and Russians, from the Cold War era and beyond, we run the small green Kerbals, alienated to the balconies, solved to snap gravitational bonds and stumble beyond the boundary of the Kerbin planetarium.

The design of rocket-carriers, spaceships and cells using hundreds of parts, taking into account the static and dynamic properties of such scaled vehicles, balances on the fine border between science and entertainment.
Their launch in the orbit, flight stabilization and maneuvering as you wait tense to break the atmosphere border and squeezing your thumb due to good trajectory output are the best moments you can have as a PC player who values the fruits of his mental sweating. Otherwise, Kerbal Space is a favorite game by Elon Reeve Musk, the ingenious boss of SpaceX.
send a rocket into the orbit
The foundation and core of the game is to make ships in the Lego manor. For a ship to embark on a crew, it must have a command module, so that the missile can move, it requires a motorcycle and a tank, to help the heavy rocket to break through the atmosphere, in addition to the engine with liquid fuel, you add booster to a solid fuel, To ensure optimum rocket propulsion, you will step on the stepping stones when it becomes useless (empty tanks and booster), so that the missile will not enter the uncontrolled boulder while flaring, you will place its maneuvering wing at strategic locations…

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These few examples are a mild start to your sweet constructive abnormalities. The number of factors you have to account for is growing steadily with the increase in the number of components and the complication of spaceships. In the first few hours of the game, you will be overjoyed when you make a simple three-tiered rocket that has reached escape velocity and has gone into the depths of the deep universe.
rocket on its way to the earth's orbit
Much tens of hours later, when you reach a megasposed, multistory ship in the orbit of the moon, make a landing and successfully return the crew to Kerbin. But why allow the Moon to be a frontier, when the system is full of planets that also win the win, for which you will need an orbital cell from which you will launch boats on extremely long routes.

The game is fantastic because every broken edge opens up a new horizon that is to be achieved, combines humor with science and a desire to expand the horizons. Kerbal Space Program has three basic toy modes, sandbox, science and career. Each is progressively greener, the sandbox gives you all the features without the negative consequences of bad decisions and unlucky landing, the science mode requires the completion of scientific mini-quests to unlock the more complex components of space flyers.
space station on the way to Mars
Career mode implies all the calamities and economic moments, that is, the launch equation introduces commercial contracts that pay the costs of experimentation and launch. Before embarking in any gameplay you will have to go through a complex tutorial mission that you will repeat while the basic concepts of the game do not fit into your fingers. This is a game that neither creativity nor creativity rewards, and perseverance and dedication.

Kerbal Space Program is on the good track for a small percentage of the smartest Minecraft replacement for astonishing intelligent fun through the principles of aero and thermodynamics.

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