Kings Bounty Armored Princess Download Full Version

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Kings Bounty Armored Princess Download Full Version

King’s Bounty: The Legend (DLC), a beautiful combination of RPG and turn-based strategy, Armored Princess, independent expansion. Game-play takes us back in the fantasy world of Endor which again threatens demon Baal.

As the protector of the kingdom and Amelia’s teacher legendary knight Bill Gilbert (his adventures are guided during Legend) on a mission in a completely different world of Teana, King Mark sent Amelia to search for him. Teana is completely unexplored country with its own problems and challenges that you will need to master before you find your mentor, to jointly protect Endora of Baal.
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Armored Princess at first glance is nothing new, again choose between the same three classes with the same skills, again you have assistants who strengthens together with you, again you wait for countless pull struggle until solve a series of quests one by one unravels, more or less formulaic story, this times interspersed with somewhat drier humor.

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However, the most important thing which is the same in Armored Princess and the legend is that the gameplay is addictive. Again, you will find yourself in that old vicious round “Is it possible that it is already dark – as it already dawns?”

Armored Princess brings – from new items, magic and creatures to your dragon who takes part in the fighting (analog box with spirits from the originals), the ability to fly through the map of the world and now the modern achievement system that tracks various statistics related to your struggles and turns them into small bonuses that eventually add up to a solid strategic advantage.
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The graphics are extremely pleasant and nicely designed, the music after a while becomes irritating. As the game spend dozens of hours, the constant repetition of themes that are the same for so long heard even before the year is not so annoyed. Of course, no one you do not prevented it to turn off the music in the background and leave something to his taste. When at the end of the bottom line, Armored Princess only minimally improves certain aspects of the legend.
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Armored Princess DLC is just as fun as the previous chapter, which is, after all, the only thing that matters.

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